Open Burn Info

Burning Information

Residential Burn Permits Between July 1st and September 30th, no burn permits are issued.  Unless conditions warrant a total ban on outdoor fires, recreational fires are allowed all year.  To be a "recreational fire" the fire must be no more than two-feet in diameter, and located inside of a six-foot diameter circle of clear area.

Recreational fires must be fueled by clean, dry, natural wood.  Refuse, plastic, painted wood, etc. cannot be burned.

Burn barrels are not allowed at any time due to a prohibition by the State Department of Ecology.

Beach Fires

Residential Burn Permits
San Juan County has some of the most beautiful beaches in the entire region. Many also have a large collection of driftwood. Some find it to be a pleasant experience to use that driftwood to build a fire on the beach. If you want to enjoy the warmth of a fire while enjoying the crisp, cool air of a San Juan County beach, here are a few tips for safety:

  1. Make sure that beach fires are allowed where you are.  Public access beaches are owned by various Federal, State and local agencies, as well as private owners.  The rules are different depending upon who owns the beach.
  2. Burn only clean, untreated and unpainted wood.
  3. Have a bucket available.
  4. Don't make the fire any larger than it needs to be to provide warmth and ambiance.