Pre-application Assistance

Before you submit:


The following information and assistance is provided to help you with your permit application:  
   The Department of Community Development provides the following pre-application services: 
  • Building & Land Use Pre-application meetings are typically used for complex building and land use projects, and for shoreline permits.  There is no fee for this process and it will provide you with information about your property to determine what forms, documents, reports, and information you will need to submit with your application.  
  •  Residential Pre-Application (RPA) process is used for determining shoreline and critical area setbacks for single family residences and to establish status of non-conforming structures. There is a fee for an RPA.

When you are ready to submit:

Building and Land Use permit application forms can be found using the menu to the left.  When you are ready to submit a building permit application and certain land use permit applications, you will need to provide an estimated valuation of your project.  This includes materials and labor, such as electrical, gas, fixtures, cabinetry, mechanical and plumbing equipment, and permanent systems. The valuation does not include the land, septic, or water systems.

For Building Permit Applications:


  • The checklist that DCD staff uses to determine a complete building permit application is available for your reference.
  • All forms and fees are to be submitted to Community Development, EXCEPT water and septic applications and fees.  These go directly to the Health Department at PO Box 607, Friday Harbor, WA  98250.
  • Building permit fees are determined by valuation of the building. A portion of the total fee (known as the plan review fee)  is due at submittal.  The remainder of the fee is due upon issuance of the permit.   A fee calculator for building permits is available online as well as the fee schedule (pp 1 & 2).  
  • When review is complete and the permit is ready to issue, the final building permit valuation will be set by the building official, to determine the remainder of the fees due for issuance, and you will be notified of fees and that your permit is ready to issue.  

For Land Use Applications:

  • Land Use projects use one master form, but there is a checklist of additional information required for each type of application. 
  • Fees for land use applications are due at the time of application and can be found in the fee schedule (pp 3  & 4).