1. 2017 Tax Roll has been certified

    Pursuant to RCW 84.56.020, I, Rhonda Pederson, San Juan County Treasurer, hereby certify that the 2017 tax roll has been completed and is ready for collection beginning January 23, 2017. Read On...
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The Treasurer's Office strives to provide exemplary service to all our customers by being responsive, courteous, knowledgeable and efficient. We are committed to maintaining public trust in the performance of our duties.

What We Do
The County Treasurer serves as the Ex Officio Treasurer for Junior Districts and School Districts and is the custodian of all funds for the County, Junior Districts, and School Districts.

Property Taxes & Special Assessments
  • Bill and collect assessments for the "ULID" Districts
  • Collect and receipt tax/assessment payments
  • Create Real and Personal Property Tax Rolls
  • Maintain Utility Local Improvement Districts Assessment Rolls
  • Perform tax cancellations and supplements when property boundaries are changed and changes to tax status for tax exemption programs
  • Print and mail tax and assessment statements
Excise Taxes
  • Agent for Department of Revenue Special Tax Division
  • Collect State and County Excise Tax on Real Property Sales
  • Compute and distribute Leasehold and Timber Excise Tax due to eligible taxing districts
  • Maintain County's historical records for Real Estate Excise Tax Affidavits
Accounting/Cash Management
  • Account for and prepare monthly reports to State Agencies and Town of Friday Harbor for monies collected on their behalf by the County
  • Coordinate County Bond Sales
  • Invest and manage residual cash to cash flow requirements
  • Invest funds for Junior Districts and School district by order of legislative authority
  • Manage accounting records for all revenues received, treasurer's checks disbursed and prepare monthly reports for County departments, Junior Districts, School Districts, for revenue and expenditure activity.
  • Perform daily and monthly reconciliation with depositary bank to balance deposits and disbursements for all funds.
  • Responsible for bond issue and long term debt payments for County, Junior and School Districts.
Foreclosure & Distraint of Real & Personal Property
  • Conducts Treasurer's Tax Foreclosure Sale
  • Distrains (Seizes and sells personal property or liens to real property) for non payment of property taxes.
  • Maintains records of property with delinquent taxes
Sales & Lodging Tax
  • Compile monthly, quarterly and YTD distribution reports
  • Monitor Lodging Tax Collections for County
  • Monitor sales tax collections for County
  • File Claims for tax payments with Courts and track status of property owner cases.