Land Use

Community Development's Land Use division administers the land use regulations. San Juan County Code contains the standards and permit requirements for the use of property in the County.
Most land use regulations are in Title 18 (Unified Development Code, UDC), with some in Title 16, Land Use and Development.
The professional planners in the Land Use division process land use applications, provide staff support to the County Council, Planning Commission, Hearing Examiner, and facilitate committees working on amendments or new regulations.


San Juan County Code UDC
Chapter 36.70 RCW  Planning Enabling Act
Chapter 36.70A RCW   Growth Management
Chapter 36.70.C RCW  Judicial Review of Land Use Decisions
 Chapter 90.58 RCW  Shoreline Management Act of 1971 
Chapter 58.17 RCW  Plats -Subdivisions -Dedications