Staff Responsibilities

Staff from Community Development will assist the LVPRC in the development of the subarea plan and will coordinate to include staff fro other County departments as needed.    Staff will be:
  • Orienting committee members about their responsibilities and the draft work plan;
  • Assisting the chair in setting up and conducting meetings;
  • Working with the chair to ensure that committee meeting agendas and notices are properly prepared and distributed and that records are maintained in accordance with State law;
  • Working with the chair to ensure that committee responsibilities are fulfilled;
  • Helping the committee stay on track and focused;
  • Providing professional guidance, technical assistance, issue analysis and recommendation
  • Serving as a communication link between the committee, Planning Commission, County administration and departments, and the County Council;
  • Assisting the committee with public outreach, research, report preparation, and correspondence that is aligned with the Council-approved work plan and time availability; and
  • Presenting committee recommendations to the Planning Commission and County Council, if requested to do so by either the committee or the County Council.
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