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Marriage Licenses

Congratulations on your decision to get married!  Here you will find general information on requirements for marriage in the State of Washington, information about the San Juan County Auditor’s Office, and a link which will allow you to fill out your application online.  If you have questions, please call us at 360-378-2161.

Hours of Operation
10:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday
San Juan County Courthouse, First Floor


  • Both applicants must be at least 18 years of age or older.  Picture identification showing birth date is required.
    • If an applicant is 17 years of age, he or she must be accompanied by a parent or legal custodian to give consent.
    • If an applicant is under the age of 17, he or she must obtain permission from the Superior Court Judge.
  • There is no residency requirement.
  • If applicant is divorced, proof of divorce is not required, but divorce must be final.
  • Application must be made a minimum of 3 days prior to marriage, as Washington law requires a 3-day waiting period.  No exceptions can be made.
  • No blood tests or other medical examinations are required in order to obtain a marriage license.
  • Licenses issued by San Juan County are valid anywhere in the State of Washington.
  • License is valid for ceremonies performed within 60 days of issuance.
  • A Washington State license can only be used in the State of Washington.
  • Same sex marriage has been legal in Washington since December 6, 2012.

An application for a marriage license may be obtained by:

Fees and Copies

  • Marriage License application fee is $61.00 (includes one certified copy of marriage certificate), payable by credit card, cash or check at the time of application.  This fee is not refundable.
  • Additional Certified Copy of Marriage $3.00
  • Uncertified Copy of Marriage $1.00
  • All fees are authorized and established by the State Legislature
Copies of Marriage Certificates and Applications:
  • All records are kept in the Recording division of the Auditor’s Office.
  • Link to Document Search page:  Document Search

Who May Perform a Marriage Ceremony

State law prescribes who can perform marriage ceremonies.  Specifically, the Revised Code of Washington (RCW) states the following:
RCW 26.04.050: Who may solemnize.
The following named officers and persons, active or retired, are hereby authorized to solemnize marriages, to wit: Justices of the supreme court, judges of the court of appeals, judges of the superior courts, superior court commissioners, any regularly licensed or ordained minister or any priest of any church or religious denomination, and judges of courts of limited jurisdiction as defined in RCW 3.02.010. [1987 c 291 § 1; 1984 c 258 § 95; 1983 c 186 § 1; 1971 c 81 § 69; 1913 c 35 § 1; 1890 p 98 § 1; 1883 p 43 § 1; Code 1881 § 2382; 1866 p 82 § 4; 1854 p 404 § 4; RRS § 8441.] NOTES: Court Improvement Act of 1984—Effective dates—Severability—Short Title—1984 c 258: See notes following RCW 3.30.010.

However, the RCW also permits unlicensed clerics to perform marriage ceremonies.

RCW 26.04.060: Marriage before unauthorized cleric—Effect.
A marriage solemnized before any person professing to be a minister or a priest of any religious denomination in this state or professing to be an authorized officer thereof, is not void, nor shall the validity thereof be in any way affected on account of any want of power or authority in such person, if such marriage be consummated with a belief on the part of the persons so married, or either of them, that they have been lawfully joined in marriage. [1975-'76 2nd ex.s. c 42 § 25; Code 1881 § 2388; 1866 p 83 §§ 10 and 11; 1854 p 405 § 6; RRS § 8442. Formerly RCW 26.04.060 and 26.24.200.] NOTES: Severability—Savings—Construction—1975-’76 2nd ex.s. c 42: See RCW 26.26.900 through 26.26.905.

Ministers from any state may perform ceremonies.  Washington State does not license ministers; this is a function of religious institutions.

The spouses may not perform their own ceremony.

Attached is a list of persons in San Juan County who are known to perform ceremonies. The provision of this list does not constitute recommendation or approval of the officiants, nor does it attest to their credentials. (Click here for the list of officiants) 

The Marriage Ceremony

There is no prescribed way in which a ceremony must be performed. The Revised Code of Washington states the following:
RCW 26.04.070: Form of solemnization.
In the solemnization of marriage no particular form is required, except that the parties thereto shall assent or declare in the presence of the minister, priest or judicial officer solemnizing the same, and in the presence of at least two attending witnesses, that they take each other to be spouses. [Code 1881 § 2383; 1866 p 82 § 5;RRS § 8443.]

The applicants must agree to take each other as spouses in front of two witnesses and the officiant.

Proxy marriages are not allowed.


State law (see RCW 26.04.070, above):
  • Requires that marriage ceremonies be performed in the presence of two witnesses
  • Does not specify the minimum/maximum age of witnesses

Public Disclosure

All marriage records are a matter of public record. The only exception is for persons enrolled in the State's Address Confidentiality Program.

Once a marriage has been recorded, it cannot be unrecorded.


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