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Combatting Climate Change

On February 5, 2008, the San Juan County Council adopted a resolution declaring that, "recognizing the critical nature of global warming and climate change, and cognizant of the actions being taken by local, state, and federal governments and other organizations around the globe, pledges to take steps for climate stabilization, and strongly encourages an Juan County residents and businesses to reduce their carbon footprints." (Click here to read full resolution)

The resolution pledged that San Juan County would serve as a model for the community by taking a number of concrete steps ranging from lowering the fuel consumption of its fleet of vehicles and switching to compact fluorescent and LED lighting, where incandescent lighting was used to improving access to walk paths and bikeways.

The County is now actively engaged in a number of programs to reduce its carbon footprint and it encourages the businesses and individuals who call San Juan County home to join in the effort.

The following are web sites which offer some specific tips which will help us use our energy more efficiently and protect our environment.

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