Saturday February 13, 2016

Council Honors County Employees

Health and Community Services Director John Manning was recognized for 15 years service to the County (View Slideshow)

 The San Juan County Council honored 34 County employees who celebrated anniversaries number 5, 10 ,15, 20 or 25 with the County.  Council Members thanked each employee present with a handshake, a certificate and a service pin; and joined them for a pot luck luncheon – with food provided by the Council and department heads.

The longest serving employee honored – Scott Johansen, a 25 year veteran of the Sheriff’s Department, and several of the other honorees were unable to attend in person because duty called, but more than a dozen of the 34 honored employees were able to receive a personal thank you and socialize with the Council over lunch.  

Complete List of Honorees

Name Anniversary Department
Scott Johansen 25 Years Sheriff's Dept
James Tyrrell 20 Years Sheriff's Dept
Angela Bolger 15 Years Sheriff's Dept
John Manning 15 Years H & CS
Susan Herrera 15 Years Extension Office
Elizabeth Seaton 10 Years Sheriff's Dept
Mairi Sage MacLeod 10 Years H&CS
Brad Fincher 10 Years District Court
Karen Vedder 10 Years Prosecutor's Office
Rhonda Silva 10 Years Public Works
Patricia Martin 10 Years Public Works
Marie Johansen 10 Years District Court
Debbie Emery 10 Years County Administration
Bonnie Potter 10 Years District Court
Kandy Hirschel 10 Years County Administration
Herbert Crowe 10 Years Sheriff
John Kulseth Years Assessor
Joe Luma 5 Years Parks & Rec
Jodie Snapp 5 Years Parks & Rec
Brent Johnson 5 Years Sheriff's Dept
Tamara Joyner 5 Years H&CS
Sheldon Bedsole 5 Years Fair
Kristina Bayas 5 Years Extension Office
Cindy Gauthier 5 Years Extension Office
Rawson Hirschel 5 Years Public Works
Terri MacNichol 5 Years H&CS
Kathleen Obenaus 5 Years Civil Service
Doris Schaller 5 Years Auditor
David Halloran 5 Years Sheriff's Dept
Erin O'Rourke 5 Years Public Works
John Van Lund 5 Years Public Works
Greg Sutherland 5 Years Public Works
Douglas McCutchen 5 Years Land Bank
Susan Kimball 5 Years Prosecutor's Office