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Odlin Park Renovation Project
Odlin Park

Odlin park on Lopez Island was constructed by the Civilian Conserveration Corps during the 1930s.

By 1976, with the park becoming a popular recreation destination for local citizens and tourists, the San Juan County Park Board recognized the need for park renovation and upgrade.

In 2009 San Juan County won a grant which, with additional financing approved by the County Council in 2010, has made the renovation possibleProject Layout

Frequently Asked Questions
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  • What are the basic elements of the renovation?

    A new Day Use Area features improved parking and barrier-free access, expanded area for picnicking and field play, access to/from restroom and shelter without crossing the road, and stormwater treatment at the shoreline. This development also retains a Little League sized ball field and protects archaeological resources.

    Renovations to shoreline and RV campsites convert 3 vehicle access campsites and realigns them to 4 walk-in/kayak-in campsites with remote parking, if needed, restores dune vegetation along 100+ feet of shoreline, and realigns two RV campsites for easier vehicle access and to accommodate road configuration.

    The campground road has been relocated to the rear of the playfield area to: clearly separate camping traffic from day users, reducing congestion and improving visitor safety; improve wetland functions and improve park aesthetics in the playfield and restore wetland in the old group camp (while retaining three individual campsites); and eliminate accessory buildings & improve event space facilities.

    The new group campground includes a loop road with eight individual sites and bus parking, creating capacity for about 40 people, to meet expected demand. The group camp features a double vault toilet building, a potable water system, and a trail network. A rustic picnic shelter and masonry fire ring complete the space. Sensitive design layout and storm water treatment measures reduce new development impacts to the site and conserves sensitive areas and trees.

    An upgraded water system has been installed to improve water quality and provide for additional water storage. This water system now serves the entire park, including the new group camp, the residence, the lower campground, and day use areas.
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  • How will this be paid for?

    This project is financed by Washington Wildlife Recreation Program, Public Facilities Financing Assistance Program, a Washington State LOCAL Loan, and REET 2 proceeds. For informational purposes, the total project cost is estimated to be between $900,000 and $990,000.
  • How will the renovation affect the cannon?

    There are no plans to move the cannon at this time. It will continue to be prominently displayed.
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  • Will the renovation eliminate the ball field or make it unusable?

    No. The final plans maintain essentially the same ball field area.
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  • Project Complete!
    Map Showing Odlin location on Lopez Island

    Odlin Park was designated by an act of Congress in 1926. Its 188 acres includes old growth forest, wetlands and shoreline.

    This project creates a new group campground, enlarges the day use area by the shore, and improves access to the existing campground, while improving ecological processes in the park.

    The design goal was to provide more recreational opportunities for local residents and visitors while preserving function of the wetlands and old growth forest within the park's boundaries.

    The main campground roadway was moved further away from the shoreline, reducing congestion and improving visitor safety.

    Project elements:

    • New Group Campground
      • Loop road
      • Romtec pre-fab double vault toilet
      • Trails
      • Stormwater treatment
    • New Park Water System
      • Serves the whole park
      • Includes treatment and storage
      • New pumphouse
    • New Campground Road
    • New Day Use Area
      • Larger picnic site
      • More parking