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 HearingFile #ApplicantDescript
View 12/12/2014PAPL00-14-0004Orca Dreams LLCAdministrative Appeal - Request to Reconsider 10/10/14 County letter regarding tree removal plan
View 12/10/2014PCUP00-14-0015Wendy ShinstineVacation Rental of Single Family Residence
View 11/24/2014Motion to DismissSan Juan County Dept of Community DevelopmentSJC DCD Motion to Dismiss Orca Dreams, LLC Appeal of Administrative Determination Dated 10/10/14
View 11/12/2014PLPALT-14-0001Davis Head Homeowner's Association, Inc.Conversion of two residential lots to common area
View 10/31/2014PCUP00-14-0016J. Maxine PaigeVacation Rental
View 10/13/2014PAPL00-14-0001 & 2Applicant - Sweet Water Farm Akhalteke II, LLC Appellants - Catherine & Sean Scott/Deborah and Tom NolanSEPA Appeal of DNS
View 9/10/2014PSJREV-14-0005Orcas Island Yacht ClubRevision of shoreline permit 14SJ084
View 9/10/2014Health Dept AppealRobert Herrick IIFailing Septic Tank
View 8/13/2014PCUP00-14-0011Kerwin and Margaret JohnsonVacation rental of single family residence
View 8/13/2014PCUP00-14-0012San Juan Fire District No. 2Use of fire station meeting room for community meetings
View 8/13/2014PSJREV-14-0013Westcott Bay Shellfish Co.Revision to 1975 shoreline permit to replace buildings and revise location of many structures
View 8/13/2014PCUP00-14-0009San Juan County Public WorksRealignment of 1.1 miles of Cattle Point Road
View 8/13/2014PCUP00-14-0010James and Mary JacobsVacation rental of single family residence
View 7/14/2014PSJ000-14-0003Thomas and Laurie BridgeSingle Use Dock
View 7/14/2014PCUP00-14-0008Tina GraceVacation Rental of Single Family Residence
View 7/14/2014PCUP00-14-0007Karalynn Ott and Sean McGeeVacation Rental of Single Family Residence
View 7/14/2014PSJ000-14-0007DBA,LLC - Doe Bay ResortImprovements to Doe Bay Resort
View 6/9/2014PCUP00-14-0005Troy and Kristen BuckleyVacation rental of single family residence
View 6/9/2014PSJREV-14-0001Snug Harbor AssociatesAdd 5 cabins
View 6/9/2014PSJ000-14-0002San Juan County Public WorksGuardrails
View 5/14/2014PVAR00-14-0001Michael SkottVariance to ADU separation requirement from principal residence
View 4/9/2014PCUP00-14-0004Dana and Todd OwensVacation Rental of Single Family Residence
View 4/9/2014PCUP00-14-0002Yvonne DunatovVacation Rental of a Single Family Residence
View 4/9/2014PCUP00-14-0003Don and Daphne NiemannVacation Rental of Single Family Residence
View 3/12/2014PSJ000-14-00011281 & 1657 Yacht Haven LLCBulkhead