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San Juan County Hearing Examiner

 HearingFile #ApplicantDescript
View 6/18/2015PCUP00-15-0005Christine BushVacation rental of a single family home
View 6/18/2015PLPALT-15-0002Mike and Sharon DouglasAlteration of Lots 68 and 84, Division 2 Spring Point long subdivision
View 6/18/2015PCUP00-15-0011Randolph and Robin SchemkesAllow sale of wine made from out-of-County fruit on-site
View 6/18/2015PSJREV-15-0001Washington State FerriesExtend North Lopez Service water system to the terminal and add a fire hydrant at the end of Penny Lane
View 6/18/2015PSJ000-14-0018Dane A ArmstrongPrivate single family residential desalination facility
View 5/28/2015SJ-14-0013/APL-15-02San Juan County Public Works-Shoreline Permit Michael Durland - AppealReplace Channel Road Bridge and Appeal
View 5/28/2015PSJ000-14-0013San Juan County Public Works - Shoreline Permit Michael Durland - AppealDeer Harbor Bridge SSDP Post Hearing Order
View 5/28/2015PLPALT-15-0001Ronald and Heather RosenbergAlteration of Lot 25 of the Eagle Lake Long Subdivision by shifting the lot to the northeast to allow a remodel
View 5/28/2015PCUP00-15-0012San Juan County Fire District #5Additional structure to store emergency apparatus indoors on-site
View 4/27/2015PSJ000-14-0017Orcas Vision PreserveShoreline Restoration and Enhancement
View 4/27/2015PSJ000-14-0012Keith and Carol JamesBeach Stairs
View 4/27/2015PSJ000-14-0016Snug Harbor Associates LLCMarina Expansion and Redevelopment
View 3/19/2015PCUP00-15-0001Ed and Cindy StewartVacation Rental of Single Family Residence
View 3/19/2015PCUP00-15-0002Ken and Kate WoodVacation Rental of Single Family Residence
View 3/19/2015PSJ000-14-0015Rosario Signal LLCReplacement of Marina
View 3/16/2015PAPL00-14-0005Orca Dreams LLCAppeal of County Letter Regarding Tree Removal Plan
View 3/15/2015PAPL00-09-0004Michael Durland, Kathleen Fennell, and Deer Harbor BoatworksAppeal of Building Permit, ADU and Change of Use
View 2/23/2015PAPL00-15-0001Morgan FoleyAppeal of Notice of Violation
View 2/19/2015PCUP00-14-0019Margaret Weston TrustVacation Rental of Single Family Residence
View 2/19/2015PEXTHX-14-0001David and Sylvia KanTime Extension for PSJ000-12-0004
View 1/15/2015PCUP00-14-0018John and Pam KefferVacation Rental of Single Family Residence
View 1/15/2015PCUP00-14-0017Todd and Laurie DoyleVacation Rental of Single Family Residence
View 1/15/2015PSJ000-14-0014Cliff Island LLCSingle User Dock
View 12/12/2014PAPL00-14-0004Orca Dreams LLCAdministrative Appeal - Request to Reconsider 10/10/14 County letter regarding tree removal plan
View 12/10/2014PCUP00-14-0015Wendy ShinstineVacation Rental of Single Family Residence