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San Juan County Hearing Examiner

 HearingFile #ApplicantDescript
View 3/12/2014PSJ000-14-00011281 & 1657 Yacht Haven LLCBulkhead
View 3/12/2014PSJREV-13-0003William and Margaret Bangs Revision to shoreline permit
View 3/12/2014PCUP00-14-0001John and Marcy AschoffVacation Rental
View 2/12/2014PCUP00-13-0016Scott and Victoria ZehnerVacation Rental of Single Family Residence
View 2/12/2014PCUP00-13-0017David PageVacation rental of Single Family Residence
View 2/12/2014PCUP00-13-0018David and Cheryl Krueger Animal Shelter
View 2/12/2014PCUP00-13-0015David and Sarah MooreVacation rental of Single Family Residence
View 1/10/2014PAPL00-13-0002Friends of the San JuansReconsideration of Appeal of PAPL00-13-0001 Laufer
View 12/11/2013PCUP00-13-0012Wyndham Resort Development Deer Harbor ResortAdd kitches to the rental unit of the Deer harbor Resort
View 12/11/2013PEXTHX-13-0001J. Starr FarishTime extension of one year to October 6, 2015
View 11/21/2013PAPL00-13-0001Friends of the San JuansAppeal of a shoreline exemption for the extension of a bulkhead
View 11/13/2013PCUP00-13-0014Kathryn Ford and Peter FinkelsteinVacation rental of a single family residence
View 11/13/2013PCUP00-13-0013Jerry and Mary NoesenVacation rental of a single family home
View 11/13/2013PLP000-13-0002Suzanne MoeSeven lot subdivision with additional open space trust
View 10/21/2013PSJ000-12-0003Diller AssociatesExpansion of Lopez Islander Resort
View 10/9/2013PSJREV-13-0001David and Sylvia KanChange of lots included in joint use agreement
View 9/11/2013PVAR00-12-0001Joseph and Noel WhatleySetback Variances for Deck and Shed
View 8/14/2013PCUP00-13-0008F. and P. Penwell TrustExpansion of nonconforming consignment and recycling business
View 8/14/2013PSJ000-13-0009Thomas Bailey and Allison NelsonBeach Stairs
View 8/14/2013PLPALT-13-0001Robert McNeil and Arlene SundCombining two lots into one
View 7/18/2013PCUP00-13-0009Bramble House LLCVacation rental for a single family home.
View 7/18/2013PLP000-13-0001Corey Cookston11 lot Preliminary Plat
View 7/18/2013PCUP00-13-0007Howard JonesVacation rental of a single family residence
View 7/18/2013PSJ000-13-0006San Juan County ParksRecreational dock
View 7/18/2013PSJ000-13-0007Washington State FerriesImprovements to Lopez Ferry Terminal