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San Juan County Council

Procedural Guidelines for Citizen Access Time

Approved March 20, 2007

  1. The Council welcomes citizen input regarding County issues, including suggestions as to how the County might better serve its citizens. Citizens are welcome to come before the Council as often as they wish, but it is preferable that if a citizen appears more than once a month, the topics be unrelated.

  2. Citizen access time is normally scheduled as one of the first items of business each Tuesday the Council meets so that residents of San Juan County have an opportunity for informal and convenient access to the full Council.

  3. Persons interested in appearing before the Council are encouraged to notify the Clerk of the Council (378-2898) ahead of time so that appropriate accommodations can be made to the rest of the Council’s work.

  4. Each person will have up to three (3) minutes in which to make a statement to the Council. Comments shall be made directly into the microphone, as it is necessary for the public record and for the audience to hear all proceedings. Speakers should first give their name, address and subject they wish to talk about. No comments shall be made from any other location.

  5. The Council reminds citizens that their remarks should be polite and civil, avoid personal attacks, and do not involve matters of litigation or personnel.

  6. It is rare that the Council will take formal action on topics presented during citizen access time; but the Council may discuss items and direct people to appropriate administrative departments. The Council may place the matter on a future agenda.