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01-2014:Ordinance Regarding Accounting for Onsite Sewage OandM Program Charges
02-2014:An Ordinance Re Critical Areas and Amending Specific 2012 Ordinances and Sections of SJCC
03-2014:An Emergency Ordinance Regarding the Effective Date of Critical Area Ordinances Amending Ordinance 3-2013
04-2014:An Ordinance Increasing Required Reserves in the Lodging Tax Fund
05-2014:Amend Orcas Power and Light Cooperative Franchise Agreement
06-2014:Re The Farm and Conservation Land Component of County Open Space Program
07-2014:An Ordinance Re Utility Installation Amending SJCC Section 12.16.160
08-2014:Regarding Solid Waste Disposal Amending SJCC Section 8.12.010 A and B
09-2014:Re Adoption of Building Codes, Amending SJCC Sections and Adding a New Section to Ch 15.04
10-2014:Ordinance Granting Franchise for Communication Facilities for Use of Public Road ROW to Rock Island
11-2014:Re Building Advisory Council and Amending SJCC 2.25.030
12-2014:Revising San Juan County 2014 Budget for Beginning Cash Balances
13-2014:Revising San Juan County 2014 Budget for Supplemental Appropriations and Transfers
14-2014:Revising San Juan County 2014 Budget for Emergency Appropriations
15-2014:Adopting Section B, Element 10 Economic Development Element to the San Juan County Comprehensive Plan
16-2014:Regarding a Technical Correction to Critical Area Regulations
17-2014:An Ordinance Setting Property Tax Levy for Land Conservation Futures for 2015
18-2014:An Ordinance Setting Property Tax Levy for County Roads for 2015
19-2014:Setting Planning and Land Use Fees for Services Provided by the SJC Dept of Community Development
20-2014:Amending the Expiration Date of Storm Water Service Charges and Establishing Exemptions for Certain Parcels
21-2014:Revising the San Juan County 2014 Budget for Emergency Appropriations
22-2014:Adopting An Annual Budget for the Year 2015 and Setting the Estimated Revenues and Appropriations
23-2014:Re After-the-Fact Building Permits, Waiving of Permit Fees and Suspension of Code Enforcement Activities