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01-2015:Revise Maximum Lawful Speed Limit for a portion of Roche Harbor Road, Friday Harbor
01-2015:Provide for Submission to Voters of Lopez Solid Waste Disposal Dist. a Tax Levy Proposition
02-2015:Authorize Prepayment of General Obligation Bond, Issued Pursuant to Ordinance 4-2012
02-2015:Adopt 2016 Annual Budget of Lopez Solid Waste Disposal District
03-2015:To Acquire and Accept Two Statutory Warranty Deeds and Timber Deed for Lawson's Ridge Property SJI
04-2015:Creating the Orcas Senior Services Building Fund
05-2015:Accept a Right of Way Easement for Deer Harbor Rd. Guardrail Installation Project
06-2015:Approving the Revised 2015 Annual Road Program
07-2015:Authorize Temporary Closure of Portions of County Roads for Various Community Events
08-2015:Adopt a San Juan County Coordinated Human Services Transportation Plan
09-2015:Revise Maximum Lawful Speed Limit on a Portion of Cattle Point Road
10-2015:Defer San Juan County Comprehensive Plan Update Deadline from June 2016 to June 2018
11-2015:Granting the Francis Trust Open Space Land Classification, File 07OS003, San Juan Island
12-2015:Require Visitors Bureau and Chambers to Assist with Lodging Tax Compliance
13-2015:Vacate and Abandon a Portion of Unopened County Road Right of Way Cross Drive, SJI
14-2015:Closing a Portion of Auditors Office Revolving Fund and Changing Custodians
15-2015:Resolution Amends Resolutions No. 22-2001 and 39-2004 Adopting Procedures for Implementation of SJC Public Facilities Financing Assistance Program
16-2015:Accept a Highway Easement Deed for Cattle Point Road Realignment Project
17-2015:Interlocal Agreement with Island County Emergency Services Communication Center ICOM
18-2015:Authorize Sale of Promontory Pointe Water System on Lopez Island
19-2015:Authorize Direct Sale of Odlin South Well Property on Lopez Island
20-2015:Authorize Submission of Community Development Block Grant for Orcas Montessori School Expansion
21-2015:Formation of Mackaye Harbor Water District and Calling for an Election on the Proposition
22-2015:To Acquire and Accept Deed for Reiss Property on San Juan Island
23-2015:Authorize Direct Sale of Vacant Utility Conduit Along Cattle Point Road
25-2015:A Revised Resoluton to Acquire and Accept Deed for Reiss Property on San Juan Island
26-2015:Changing Custodians of the Fair Revolving Fund
27-2015:Appoint Management Representative to SJC Safety Committee
28-2015:Request Review by Health Care Authority to Participate in WA State Insurance Plans
29-2015:Authorize Purchase of Website Development and Support Thru US General Services Administration
30-2015:Direct Prosecuting Attorney to File Petition for Condemnation of Deer Harbor Bridge
31-2015:Grant Utility Easement to Orcas Power and Light Coorperative (OPALCO)
32-2015:Approve the Six Year Transportation Improvement Program 2016 thru 2021
33-2015:Authorize Temporary Closure of Portion of No. Beach Road on Orcas for Halloween
34-2015:Legislative Priorities for the 2016 Legislative Session
35-2015:Revising the Parks and Fairgrounds Fee Schedule
36-2015:Accept Easements for the Deer Harbor Bridge Replacement Project
37-2015:Declaration of Substantial Need for Property Tax Levy for County Current Expenses for 2016
38-2015:Declaration of Substantial Need for Property Tax Levy for Conservation Futures for 2016
39-2015:Declaration of Substantial Need for PropertyTax Levy for County Roads for 2016
40-2015:Approve the 2016 Annual Capital Budget & Six Year Capital Improvement Plan