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01-2014:Ordering Sale of Tax Title Property
01-2014:Provide for Submission to Voters of Lopez Solid Waste Disposal Dist a Proposition Authorizing Imposition of one yr Tax Levy
02-2014:Adopt 2015 Annual Budget of Lopez Solid Waste Disposal Dist and Setting Forth Estimated Revenues and Expenditures
02-2014:Establishes Change Fund for SJC Fair Office
03-2014:Federal and State Legislative Priorities for 2014 for County of San Juan, Washington
04-2014:To Waive Competitive Bidding Requirements for Software Licensing with ESRI
05-2014:Executes an Amended Deed of Easement, including Release of an Existing Easement on Property Adjacent to "A" Street on Orcas John W. Mount
06-2014:Accepting Storm Sewer Easement Orcas Island John W. Mount
07-2014:Accepts a Right of Way Easement for Drainage Improvements Along North Beach Road
08-2014:Intent to Vacate and Abandon Portion of Cattle Point Road No. 18 San Juan Island
09-2014:Authorizing Treasurer to Cancel Uncollectible Personal Property Taxes
11-2014:Establish Rosters for Small Public Works and Other Professional Services
12-2014:Authorize Temporary Closure of a Portion of North Beach Road on 22 March 2014
13-2014:Granting Robert Waldron Open Space Classification, File No. POPNSP-13-0001
14-2014:To Declare an Emergency and Waive Competitive Bidding Requirements for Work on Cascade Creek Impacts
15-2014:Solid Waste Handling and Recycling Services and New Lease with Town of FH
16-2014:Adopt Grant Policy and Procedures for San Juan County
17-2014:Authorize Land Bank to Apply for Funds for Purchase of Double R Bar Ranch, Lopez
18-2014:Granting Ellis Current Use Farm and Ag Conservation Land, Lopez Island
19-2014:Decreasing the Solid Waste Change Fund and Designating Custodians
20-2014:To Execute Interlocal Agreement with Town and Port of Friday Harbor for Removal of Derelict Vessels
21-2014:Revise Maximum Lawful Speed Limit for Golf Estates Road, Orcas
22-2014:Authorize Temporary Closure of Portions of Roads on Orcas and Lopez
23-2014:Closing The Auditor's Petty Cash Account
24-2014:Grant Robert and Evelyn Doran Current Use Open Space Classification, SJI
25-2014:Policy Re How SJC Will Honor Immigration Hold Requests from US Dept of Immigration and Customs Enforcement
26-2014:Re a Contract with WA Dept of Revenue for Collection and Administration of Enhanced 911 Taxes
27-2014:Authorize Submittal of Grant Application for Odlin Park Float Replacement Project
28-2014:Re Interlocal Agreement with Island County Emergency Services Communications Center
29-2014:Approve Interlocal Agreement with Lincoln County for Purposes of Bidding and Purchasing
30-2014:Updating Signatories for Islanders Bank Accounts
31-2014:Approve Interlocal Agreements to Assist in Establishing Derelict Vessel Prevention Programs
32-2014:Supporting WSAC Fiscal Sustainability Initiative
33-2014:Providing for Submission to SJC Voters a Proposition Authorizing Levy Above Regular Tax Limit of RCW 84.55.010
34-2014:Authorize Director of Health to Execute FTA 2014 Certif and Assurances
35-2014:Changing Custodians of Juvenile Court Revolving Fund
36-2014:Legislative Priorities for 2015 Legislative Session
37-2014:Part 1 of 3 Strategic Plan for Substance Abuse Services 2014 - 2016
37-2014:Part 2 of 3 Strategic Plan for Substance Abuse Services 2014 - 2016
37-2014:Part 3 of 3 Strategic Plan for Substance Abuse Services 2014 - 2016
38-2014:Establish the Road Location for County Road 93 Channel Road
40-2014:Vacate a Portion of Cattle Point Road Number 18 San Juan Island
41-2014:Resolution Closing the Solid Waste Change Fund
42-2014:Requesting Review by the Health Care Authority to Participate in the WA State Insurance Plans
43-2014:To Acquire and Accept a Deed for the Lane Property on Orcas Island
44-2014:Amending Land Bank Staffing levels for 2014 and amending resolution 33-2013
45-2014:Designating San Juan County as a Voluntary "Leave No Trace" Area and Adopting Guiding Principles to Support Stewardship of the San Juan Islands
46-2014:Changing Custodians of the Revolving Fund in the County Clerk's Office
48-2014:Approving the Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program 2015 - 2020
49-2014:Adopting the San Juan County 2015 Annual Road Program
50-2014:Adopting the San Juan County Revised 2014 Annual Road Program
51-2014:Resolution Closing the County Retainage Fund
52-2014:Approving the 2015 Annual Capital Budget and Six Year Capital Improvement Plan
53-2014:Closing the Solid Waste Revolving Fund Account
54-2014:Closing the Solid Waste Clearing Fund Account
55-2014:Granting Warren Road Associates Current Use Open Space Classification POPNSP 12 0008D
56-2014:Granting Warren Road Associates Current Use Open Space Classification POPNSP 12 0008C
57-2014:To Establish a Restricted Acct to Fund Post Closure Activities at Orcas Landfill as Required by WAC
58-2014:Resolution in Favor of Funding the Washington State Housing Trust Fund
59-2014:To Sign a Deed of Trust Committing $1,000,000 For Purchase by Land Bank of Lawsons Ridge, SJI
60-2014:Adopting County Staffing Levels and Pay and Benefit Plans for 2015