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On the Record

This page has been set aside to provide straightforward facts and information to correct errors and misperceptions that have appeared in widely circulated sources.

If you have a question about something you have heard concerning the County, please email your question to: communications@sanjuanco.com

Source: Various blogs and Online Sources
Posted: May 16 2013
Statement: 2013 Aerial Photography Contract obligates the County to a series of flights totaling more than $313,000
For the Record: The 2013 contract obligates the County to one set of flights to produce photographs and LiDAR (Laser Topography data) at a total cost of $122,030.

San Juan County has the option of having two additional flights flown during the next six years, at a guaranteed price; but if the County chooses not to purchase those services, it simply notifies the company (without penalty).

Source: Various blogs and Online Sources
Posted: May 15 2013
Statement: 2013 aerial photography contract does not permit online citizen access to the photographs.
For the Record: The contract grants the San Juan County a license, in perpetuity, use and display the all photographs, including displaying them online, make prints from the aerial photographs, make electronic and print maps, incorporate them within applications, etc.

The confusion appears to be that, in conjunction with the photographs, the County is  licensing some proprietary GIS software that it is not licensed to share online.

Source: Emails, a local blog that allows anonymous posts
Posted: Mar 25 2013
Statement: The Parks Department preparing to cut down several old growth trees in Odlin Park on Lopez Island.

For the Record:  Not True. All construction on the group campsite section of the park is complete. Several trees have been marked by an arborist to have dead, hanging limbs removed and, at the aborist's recommendation, two diseased trees will be shortened to deal with their disease, but there are no plans to cut down any trees in that area.

Source: Group Emails and Facebook
Posted: Sep 12 2012
Issue: A number of widely circulated statements say that the County has taken steps which will force the shutdown of Consignment Treasures on San Juan Island.
For the Record: No action whatsoever has been taken which would restrict the currently approved operation of Consignment Treasures. It operates under a conditional use permit and has the right to continue its current operation indefinitely.

The operator of Consignment Treasures has asked the Council to modify land use regulations or otherwise grant permission to expand the operation to allow a recycling collection center at the facility. Because the property is zoned for rural agriculture and forest purposes, adding a full recycling collection and processing facility would require either a change in zoning rules or other action.

The Council has decided not to redefine the uses permitted in "Rural Farm Forest" areas countywide to allow recycling collection to deal with this one case, but has formally encouraged Consignment Treasures to apply to be declared an "Essential Public Facility," which could allow it to open a recycling collection facility on its property. The Council also asked staff to investigate whether the cost of processing the application could be reduced or waived.