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Welcome to the San Juan County GIS Data Download Library. The data sets are organized by theme which are listed in the table of contents below. Click on a theme to view a list of the data sets related to that theme. This page also contains links to metadata, or data about data, for spatial data sets. Click on a data set name to view the metadata.

Spatial data made available here for downloading is provided in ESRI shape file format. These are projected in NAD83 Washington State Plane North (feet). These files can be used by ESRI ArcInfo, ArcView, or ArcExplorer GIS software packages without adjustment for projection. ArcExplorer is a free spatial data viewer that can be downloaded from ESRI's web site.

Table of Contents

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  Boundaries Geopolitical or physical area outlines (boundaries)
  Comp Plan Comprehensive Plan, Land Use and Shoreline Master Program
  Hydrology Water related features
  Land Records Real estate parcels (includes tax information)
  Roadways Features related to roads, public and private
  Topography Physical and natural topographical features
County Council District Boundaries 11/9/2012
Election Precinct Boundaries 1/23/2014
Town of Friday Harbor 6/1/2011
Island Shorelines (NOAA) 2/22/2011
Comp Plan
Development Density 10/14/2014
Land Use Designations 10/14/2014
Freshwater Lakes 11/27/2002
Drainage 3/3/2010
Land Records
Street Addresses 1/5/2016
Building Footprints 1/5/2016
Public Land Survey System 6/22/2015
Water Systems 11/12/2015
Legal Parcels 1/19/2016
Tax Parcels 1/19/2016
Plat Boundaries 1/19/2016
Appraisal Records 1/26/2016
Driveways 1/5/2016
Road_Centerlines 1/5/2016
Topography (very large files)
Please contact us for more information 1/3/2014