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    Personal fireworks are prohibited in San Juan County

Open Burn Information Burn Permits Available October 10th.

See the link above for more information on burning in San Juan County.  


If you are a contractor doing work that involves burning you need a commercial burn permit in most cases. Commercial burning is only allowed during the active burn season.

Types of burning that require Commercial Permits:

  • Land clearing
  • Stump burning
  • Logging or forestry work
  • Projects involving heavy machinery

Note: Some operations require coordination with the planning department or with the Washington Dept. of Natural Resources for forestry permits or changes of use of land. Please feel free to inquire regarding your project. Contact the Department of Community Development or your Local Fire Department

Violation of terms of burning permits or of RCW is subject to bills for suppression services from the fire department, fines of up to $10,000 from SJSO or the FMO, and investigation/fines from the Washington Department(s) of Ecology of Natural Resources.


Protecting You and Your Family from Fire​

escapeplanh2_18 Welcome to the San Juan Fire Marshal's Office  It is the mission of the San Juan County Fire Marshal's Office to provide professional life safety protection and reduce the harm associated with fires, explosions and mechanical failure to the citizens of San Juan County through inspection, prevention and investigation.

We hope this internet  resource assists you and better supports some of our services, please inform us if something does not totally serve your needs so that we may enhance our web page.
Once released, no one can control where they may land.

Recreational Fires

Recreational fires are three feet or less in diameter, built on bare soil, gravel,or in a fire bowl. Recreational Fires are campfires. Use firewood only. No yard waste. No garbage. Please keep Recreational Campfires well away from structures and put them dead out before leaving them unattended.

Wildland Fire Safety

Please take the time to learn about San Juan County's  Community Wildfire Protection Plan

This document was developed with the help of experts and property owners. It is available to you as a guide to help keep your home and neighborhood safe from wildland fires. Just click this link to view the plan: 

Community Wildfire Protection Plan

Builder Information