Fire Risk & Burn Permits


Due to high extreme temperatures combined with low precipitation San Juan County's Burn Risk is HIGH 

 If you must have a campfire please make sure it is 

DEAD OUT: Douse it with water, stir it, douse again.



About Burn Permits

Burn permits are issued from early October, weather dependent, through May 31st, extensions may be issued by the Fire Marshal's Office if moisture levels permit. July through September is the time when no burn permits are issued and all outdoor burning is closed with the exception of campfires. Even through we live in a beautiful green area and are surrounded by water, there is still a very real fire danger during the summer and fall.


Residential Burn Permits 

Residential Burn Permits During the open burning season, permits are required for residential and commercial-size burn piles.  Residential burns may be up to ten-feet in diameter.  

Permits cost $20 and are valid from October through May.  During the burning season, permits can be purchased through our online portal.

Commercial Burn Permits

Residential Burn PermitsCommercial permits are needed for larger burns.  Heavy equipment - such as an excavator - is required to be on scene.  Commercial permits cost $250 and are valid for 30 days.

Commercial permits are now available online. PLEASE NOTE: All commercial burn permits require inspection prior to issuance and ignition. Application submittal of burn permit in the portal is not permission to burn or proof of a valid permit. 

During the open burning season, you can request a burn pile inspection for Commercial Burns by selecting "Request Inspection" in your SmartGov portal or by emailing the Fire Marshal.

*technology fees may apply to online submittals