Parks, Trails & Natural Areas Plan and Nonmotorized Plan

The Parks, Trails and Natural Areas Plan (PTNA) and Nonmotorized Plan provides direction for the development, management and acquisition of parks, trails, non-motorized transportation facilities, and natural areas for the Parks & Fair Department, Land Bank, and Public Works Departments of the County. This document is designed to maintain San Juan County’s eligibility for state-based park and recreation grant funding. The PTNA provides a long-term vision and six-year plan to guide action and investment in a wide variety of outdoor spaces and facilities managed by San Juan County.

New with this updated Plan is incorporation of the County's Non-Motorized Transportation Plan and amendments to the County’s Comprehensive Plan Transportation Element. General transportation polices related to nonmotorized transportation are retained in the Transportation Element and specific nonmotorized components are incorporated into the Parks, Trails and Natural Area Plan and Nonmotorized Plan.


Questions about the PTNA can be sent to Parks & Fair Interim Director Jennifer Allen or by calling the Parks & Fair office at 378-8420. Questions about the transportation element of the Comprehensive Plan can be sent to Adam Zack at Community Development 370-7572.

 View the Plan:
2017-2022 Parks, Trails, and Natural Area Plan and Nonmotorized Plan Ordinance 12-2016
(Adobe® Acrobat® file).