Assessor's Data

The Assessor’s Office maintains the assessment roll of the county and parcel boundaries. The links below provide data used for ad valorem taxation.

Historical Deed and Fieldsheet Search 

With funding assistance from Washington Secretary of State, the Assessor's Office digitized approximately 20,000 deed records and 23,000 fieldsheets.

“Deed records” provide a historical ownership index for properties from the late 1960s through October 2015. “Fieldsheets” provide historical assessment and permit history on real property.

To search for parcel historical information, you will need at least the first 9 digits of the parcel number.

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1. Please click on the link.

Parcel Deed Records and Fieldsheets

2. Click on "Search Parcel Deed Records and Fieldsheets".

3. Enter at least the first 9 digits of the parcel number. Please note that historical data may not be available for structures built after 2009. 

Statement of Assessments Booklet

The Statement of Assessments booklet is a resource for property tax information such as the amount of taxes the districts will collect, the tax rate for each Tax Code Area (TCA) as well as other statistics about San Juan County that you may find helpful. The Statement of Assessments booklet is completed every year after tax rolls have been certified to the Treasurer’s Office in January.

The Statement of Assessments booklets for tax years 1988 through 2021 are available online: