Marine Resources

Southern Resident killer whales by Sandy Buckley JUNE 24 2008

M A R I N E   R E S O U R C E S

Marine Resources preservation and restoration in the Islands is supported by both the Northwest Straits Initiative’s Marine Resources Committee and through a combination of grant and direct funding for local efforts by the County to inform and educate the public about best practices to protect the endangered Southern Resident killer whale.

Projects currently underway include:


San Juan County is actively engaged in Southern Resident killer whale recovery efforts. These efforts including engaging with the local community, working with scientists, and coordinating with federal, tribal, and state partners in whale recovery initiatives at the local level. The County is also actively engaged in the Washington State Governor's Orca Task Force. 

Whale Warning Flag - Photo by jeanne Hyde

Current projects include:

  • Introducing the Whale Warning Flag to San Juan County and the Salish Sea: Check out the final report here

  • Exploring options to protect SRKW foraging areas through a local marine spatial planning effort.


The San Juan County Marine Resources Committee (MRC) was started in 1996 as a grassroots effort to establish local management of marine resources. The Committee draws from a broad spectrum of the community and brings a diversity of perspectives and expertise to the San Juan MRC.

Marine Resources Committee list

All MRC meeting minutes can be found on the MRC website.

San Juan County Marine Resources Committee logo

The MRC's goals include:

  • Advising the San Juan County Council on marine resource issues
  • Participating in local and regional processes affecting marine resource management
  • Developing resources for local marine science, ecosystem preservation and recovery projects
  • Raising awareness and engaging citizens in marine issues
  • Managing marine preservation and recovery projects

Learn more about the MRC and it's current projects through their website and facebook pages.

Crescent Beach, Orcas Island