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What Is Proposition 2?

Proposition 2 is a continuation of an existing voter approved levy increase in 2010 and renewed in 2014. The proposed levy increase (levy lid lift) would continue to provide stable funding for a wide array of community programs and services. The proposed levy will generate $1.7M in funding based on an assessment of 22 cents per $1,000 of assessed value.

Proposition Background    

Since 2010, the County has used the voter approved levy increase to provide funding for the programs and services that enrich the quality of life in the Islands.  During the past 10 years, the cost of and demand for services has grown.  Thus, the proposed levy represents an increase from the current levy.  Unlike, the prior two voter approved levy increases, which had a six year limitation each, the proposed levy does not specify an end date.  The demand for the levy funded programs makes its clear that a permanent funding solution should be pursued.     

Please refer to the information below for a levy lid lift property tax estimator, and links to the Assessor’s Office web site, adopted resolution, Voters Guide, Fact Sheet and FAQ.

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QUESTIONS?  Email questions to prop2@sanjuanco.com