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Note: these are archived media releases. Some of the information may have changed from original posting.

New Cases on San Juan Island (7/16/20)

New Cases on San Juan Island (7/13/20)

New Case on Orcas Island (7/6/20)

Update on Recent SJC Cases (6/24/20)

SJC to Request Variance to Move to Modified Phase 3 (6/24/20)

New Case Reported: Lopez Island (6/21/20)

New Case Reported: San Juan Island (6/20/20)

New Case Reported: San Juan Island (6/15/20)

The How, When (potentially), and What of Moving to Phase 3 (6/8/20)

Case Exposure on San Juan Island (5/30/20)

Community Conversations 7 (5/29/20

San Juan County to Request Variance to Move to Phase 2 (5/22/20)

Health Officer Order Limiting Non-Essential Transient Lodging Extended Until Phase 3 (5/22/20)

Community Conversations 6 (5/15/20)

Face Coverings Required Posters for Businesses (5/11/20)

San Juan County Health Officer Order Extended to May 31st (5/2/20)

State Parks in SJC to Open on May 5th (5/2/20)

Community Conversations 6 (5/15/20)

Community Conversations 5 (5/7/20)

New Positive Test Result on San Juan Island (5/5/20)

Community Conversations 4 (5/1/20)

Governor Allows Some Low-Risk Construction to Resume (4/24/20)

Community Conversations 3 (4/23/20)

Farmer’s Market Guidance (4/16/20)

Community Conversations 2 (4/16/20)

Sheriff and Prosecuting Attorney on Order Enforcement (4/10/20)              

Community Conversation Video Updates (4/8/20)

Cover Your Face (4/5/20)    

New Case Updates (4/4/20)

SJC Leaders Urge Strong Action on Mainland Travel (4/3/20)

New Cases on San Juan and Orcas Islands (4/1/20)

Fourth Confirmed Positive Test Result, First on San Juan Island (3/29/20)

Press Release and Frequently Asked Questions about SJC Health Officer Order (3/25/20)

Brief Updates on 2nd case on Orcas and Governor’s Order (3/24/20)

First confirmed case of COVID-19 in San Juan County (3/20/20)

Our latest video San Juan County COVID-19 community update Q&A session recorded Thursday March 19th.

Video Update on COVID-19 status in San Juan County recorded on 3/9/20

Frequently Asked Questions for the San Juan Islands about COVID-19 (3/5/2020)

A Common Sense Local Perspective on Coronavirus from San Juan County Health Officials (2/25/2020)

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