COVID-19 SJC Case Count

We will update these data daily M-F.  No updates will be issued on the weekends.  


This data come from the most reliable sources we have at the time of reporting. These numbers may differ from Washington State’s reported numbers or data from other organizations tracking this situation. Differences can occur if, for example, a patient is flown to the mainland and reports of their status are not returned to their county of residence in a timely way or if other offices are slow to attribute data properly to San Juan County. Health providers and labs are sometimes slow to report data to us on weekends or during periods of heavy volume. Members of the general public may learn of the status of certain cases before we do and before we confirm them on this page. We will try our best to keep this page current and accurate.  We assure you that our data will be accurate and reliable even if we are sometimes slower than other sources of island information.  We intend to provide accurate information while also respecting the privacy of those who become ill with COVID-19.

County Wide Numbers*

Total Tests Performed Results Pending Positive Test Results^
178 39 6

Last Update: 4/2

*It is important to recognize that these results represent a “snapshot” in time for our county. The situation is evolving, and that means that numbers may vary with the State or other organizations that are also tracking this situation.

^Positive test results reported from any lab.

Island Specific Numbers

Island Positive Test Results
San Juan Island 2
Orcas Island 3
Lopez Island 1
Shaw Island N/A
Outer Islands N/A