COVID-19 SJC Data Dashboard

Total Cases to Date

Total Cases to Date^ Lopez Island Orcas Island San Juan Island Shaw Island Outer Islands
1960 296 592 1051 9 11

The information above is updated once a week on Monday morning. Last updated: Sept 27, 2022. 


Cases to date include: 

Confirmed cases - positive molecular test, including PCR

Probable cases - positive antigen test completed by a CLIA-certified provider, or symptomatic AND epidemiologic link to a confirmed positive case.

This data come from the most reliable sources we have at the time of reporting. We intend to provide accurate information while also respecting the privacy of those who become ill with COVID-19.

On 3/16/22 HCS completed an internal audit of our data dashboard numbers and adjusted the by-island totals to reflect the results of that audit. 

On 8/22/22 data dashboard updating frequency changed from daily to weekly. This is in response to current case count trends. 

Current Actively Monitored Cases*

*Note that "Actively Monitored Cases" are those cases involving confirmed positive individuals who are still in the infectious period of their illness, are required to remain in isolation, and are being carefully monitored by San Juan County public health staff. An individual can have ongoing long-term symptoms of COVID and no longer be infectious. For detailed information on COVID infectious period, please review this information from the US Centers for Disease Control.

IslandActive Cases
Lopez Island0
Orcas Island2
San Juan Island3
Shaw Island0
Outer Islands0

For most up to date data on vaccine distro in San Juan County, go to and then select "Vaccinations". Once on vaccination page, click on "How Many People are Getting Vaccinated?" and then click on San Juan County on the map.