Thank you for supporting local Marine Stewardship


Sustaining a healthy, vibrant marine environment in the San Juan Islands is a lot of work. We appreciate your interest in supporting our diverse wildlife, habitats, island culture and economy.

The Marine Program is almost entirely grant-funded, and we strive to make a big splash with limited resources. When you select "Donation-Marine Resources", you help fund efforts to protect and recover marine waters, forage fish habitat, salmon, South Resident killer whales, and other marine wildlife. Selecting "Donation-Derelict Vessels" supports prevention and removal of derelict vessels and other navigational hazards from County waters. All donated funds are deposited to restricted accounts, to guarantee they are used to deliver the programs you value.

 For credit card donations please click below to proceed to a secure payments page. Select "Donation - Derelict Vessels" or "Donation - Marine Resources" from the payment type pull-down menu. We appreciate your support.

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For ongoing support or donations from a donor-advised fund please contact San the Juan County Marine Program for instructions. Frances Robertson: 360.370.7592 - Email Frances Robertson 

Visitors walk across the sands at False Bay during low tide in the fog.