Taxing Districts



Ordinance / Resolution

When district officials need to increase their budget over the spending of the previous year, statute requires them to pass a resolution (or ordinance). This resolution acknowledges the need for an increase in the budget and describes the increase in terms of dollars and percentage over the previous year’s actual levy*. The resolution and ordinance are described in greater detail in RCW 84.55.120.

*  Please click here for the previous year's actual levy.

Form - Ordinance / Resolution 64 0101e  (Download, Fill-in)

Levy Certification

Most taxing districts must certify budgets or estimates of the amounts to be raised through property tax to the county council on or before November 30th. The county council is then required to certify those requests to the county assessor on or before November 30.

Form - Levy Certification 64 0100e (Download, Fill-in) 

If you are requesting a refund levy, please email the Treasurer or call 360-378-2171 for the refund amount.