Law & Justice Council

The Law and Justice Council serves as an advisory body to the San Juan County Council on issues relating to the law and justice system. The County Council established the Law and Justice Council of San Juan County to advise the County Council and to take action consistent with RCW 72.09.300. The body is composed of partners in the justice system including members representing law enforcement, public defense, prosecutors, courts, juvenile justice, community members, and elected or appointed officials.


Held quarterly on the third Tuesday of the month. 2023 meetings will be scheduled soon!


Agendas may be available prior to the meetings. 

October 18 Agenda

July 19 Agenda

Establishment of Law & Justice Council

Local ordinance (County Policies and Programs, Sections 2.10.090 and 2.10.095


2.10.090 Law and justice council.

The County council establishes a law and justice council of San Juan County to advise the County council and to take action consistent with RCW 72.09.300.

2.10.095 Law and justice plan.

The San Juan County legislative body has adopted the San Juan County Law and Justice Plan attached to Resolution 11-1995. (Ord. 5-2008 § 6; Res. 11-1995)*

* Code reviser’s note: Res. 11-1995 is on file in the office of the Clerk of the County council.


Member Name Position
Judge Kathryn C. Loring Presiding judge of the Superior Court
Judge Carolyn M. Jewett Judge of the District Court
Randall K.Gaylord Prosecuting Attorney
Lindsey Callahan Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, Council Chair
Teresa Barnett Deputy Prosecuting Attorney
Ron Krebs Sheriff
John W. Chessell 
San Juan County Bar Association
Lisa Henderson County Clerk
Alex Frix Public Defender
Linnea Anderson Administrator of Juvenile Court Services
Jamie Stephens County Council Chair
  Representative from Department of Corrections
Barb Starr Representative of the Town of Friday Harbor
James Wolf County Risk Manager