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  1. San Juan County Observes Indigenous Peoples' Day

Starting in 2023, many San Juan County offices will be closed for Indigenous People’s Day (October 9, 2023). While the Courts respect the recognition of this important holiday, San Juan County Superior Court, District Court, and County Clerk are required to remain open because Indigenous Peoples’ Day is not yet recognized as a state legal holiday. Therefore, our offices will operate during our normal business hours on that day.

Kathryn C. Loring 
Presiding Judge
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San Juan County Superior Court Statement 
 of Intention and Acknowledgement

The Superior Court strives to provide impartial, fair and accessible justice to every person, based on the individual facts and applicable law, regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, culture, gender identity, gender expression, age, sexual orientation, financial ability, or any other status. We seek to create welcoming and inclusive spaces; to promote respect for the law; and to ensure that all people are respected, feel heard, and understand the result. We work with our law and justice partners to reduce and remove barriers to meaningful access to justice.


We acknowledge that the courts have much work to do to gain the trust and confidence of Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color. San Juan County Superior Court leadership commits to educate and examine ourselves, our court, and our procedures on an ongoing basis, so that this Court, and the entire court system, may deserve the trust and confidence of all people.

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What Cases Does Superior Court Handle?

Superior Court is a court of “general” jurisdiction, meaning that any case being filed in state court may be filed there. It also has “exclusive” jurisdiction of some types of cases. 

Superior Court considers all:

  • Prosecution of felony crimes;
  • Family law cases;
  • Disputes over title to real estate;
  • Probate, trust, and guardianship matters;
  • Juvenile law;
  • Dependency cases where the State suspects abuse or neglect of children; 
  • Civil disputes over more than $100,000; and
  • Appeals from courts of limited jurisdiction.

Local Court Rules

Full text of Current (2022) Local Court Rules for San Juan CountyThe Appendix is found here.

These updated Local Court Rules will take effect on September 1, 2023.


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