LIO-SJ Projects


Work done to complete Near Term Actions of past local Action Agendas from the San Juan Local Integrating Organization has led to the creation of funding opportunities for some of the ongoing projects that are now underway.  The current 2014 Action Agenda will function in the same manner, setting new or continued locally effective projects in motion.  In all cases, we work create actions that will protect and restore the San Juan County waters of the Puget Sound (and Salish Sea), and expect that integration of efforts on the local, state and federal levels will lead to increased positive impact on this ecosystem.  A few of the projects are highlighted on this page with 2014 Action Agenda identification numbers in brackets, and the corresponding regional sub-strategy numbers.

  1. Vessel Traffic and Oil Spill Prevention
  2. Shoreline Armoring
  3. Stormwater and Runoff from the Built Environment
  4. Freshwater Restoration

The volunteer Islands Oil Spill Association (IOSA) continues to maintain oil spill readiness and response in the San Juan Islands. It receives financial support for response equipment to contain or remove oil spills to the greatest extent possible, and to rescue and rehabilitate affected wildlife. (2014 Action Agenda ID #SJI1; Regional Sub-strategy C8.2.)

The County Derelict Vessel Removal & Prevention Program identifies boats that are likely to sink or otherwise cause water pollution. The program seeks to find and help vessel owners to maintain their boats or remove them from the water. This ongoing action resulted in funding being awarded to SJC to continue this work in 2014. In addition, focused attention from inclusion in the Action Agenda resulted in this San Juan County program being designated a Model Stewardship Program by the Puget Sound Partnership. Funding has been awarded and to develop other prevention programs in King, Pierce, Snohomish, Kitsap, Jefferson and Mason Counties. (Action Agenda ID #SJI4; Regional Sub-strategy C8.1.)

Vessel Drift and Response Analysis Inland Waters Factsheet
Spill Consequence Assessment and ERTV Cost Evaluation Factsheet

Vessel Drift and Response Analysis Inland Waters Report
Vessel Drift and Response Analysis Final Presentation Webinar
Spill Consequence Assessment and ERTV Cost Evaluation Report


The San Juan Local Integrating Organization (SJ-LIO) has successfully accomplished the following projects (Near Term Actions):

  • San Juan County Lead Entity for Salmon Recovery targeting funding to the highest scoring salmon recovery projects (A.6.1. SJI9);
  • Built technical assistance capacity related to compliance with environmental regulation (B1. 3. SJI8); 
  • Identified areas in need of greater shoreline protection for salmon recovery (B2. 1. SJI10);
  • Improved stormwater permit reviewing (C2. 2. SJI3);
  • Coordinated Best Management Practices (BMPs) with on-site septic and stormwater systems (C2. 4. SJI5);
  • Implemented the County’s on-sight sewage system operation and maintenance program (C5. 1. SJI4);
  • Developed a stormwater monitoring program (C2, 4. SJI6);
  • Worked with the Island Oil Spill Readiness and Response team (C8. 3. SJI2); and
  • Organized and conducted a Marine Manager workshop at the UW Friday Harbor Laboratories (C8. 1. SJI1).