Juvenile Court Services

Juvenile Court Services (JCS) is most frequently associated with juvenile offender services. However, we are involved in a variety of additional services that are not offender related.

JCS contracts with four different juvenile detention centers in the region. The detention site provides general information about Skagit County Juvenile Detention Center - where most of our youth serve court ordered detention.

Courtroom Proceedings
Development & Responsibility
San Juan County Juvenile Court Services endeavors to ensure all contact with youths and their family members provides the opportunity for furthering the development and responsibility of the youth. This takes into account the legal system and community standards. It requires:
  • Balancing the principles of rehabilitation, punishment, and community safety
  • Protecting the safety of the community while holding youth accountable for their
  • Provide access to the judicial system for dependent youth (abused and /or neglected
  • Providing assessment, treatment and supervision of youthful offenders
  • Supporting community resources which provide preventive service to youth
  • acts children) and children in conflict (runaways)