Visitor & Phone Privileges

  • All other level I detainees do not have phone or visitation privileges other than with their attorney.
  • Exceptions to this rule must be authorized in writing by the probation officer handling the case. If detention staff does not have written authorization they cannot allow someone other than those listed in No. 1 of this section to visit or telephone.
  • Hours for visitation are 6 to 7 p.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. All visitations will take place in the visitation rooms unless a face to face visit has been arranged and pre-authorized. Said visit shall result in a search of the juvenile afterward. Weekend and extra visits require special arrangement and approval by both your probation officer and the detention staff.
  • New admissions to Detention, other than those serving court ordered time, will be allowed to telephone their attorney and a parent/guardian within one hour of their admission. If the juvenile is hostile in anyway, detention staff will make said phone calls for the juvenile. New admissions, other than those serving court ordered time, will be seen on the next working day by a PO who will approve and facilitate all additional phone calls.
  • Phone calls in are from 7 - 10 p.m. Levels III and IV are eligible for phone calls. Calls requiring staff assistance may be placed at this time.
  • Phone calls may be limited to one completed call per person per day. Length of calls will be based on time available given the current detention population.
  • Visitations and phone calls are limited to parents or guardians, clergy and attorneys. Authorization for visits and phone calls in those three categories does not require a phone visitation list from the probation officer.