Security Risk

If it is determined that a child is dangerous to others or a security risk to the facility, he/she will lose all privileges and will be confined to his/her room for a minimum of 48 hours. Privileges could be suspended for the duration of stay. The detention supervisor will make the decision concerning restoration of privileges or partial privileges on all security risk cases.

While on security risk out of room time will consist of one half hour period in the morning and one half hour period in the evening. Out of room time will be at times when all other juveniles are in their rooms. If privileges are to be restored the resident will earn said privileges through the security risk level system.

Security risk defined but not limited to:
  • A security risk violation is one that threatens the security of the facility or the safety of others.
  • Any assault or threatened assault of another person.
  • Any resident who attempts escape or discusses escape with others.
  • Any resident who does substantial damage to the facility or property within the facility.
  • Any resident who makes threats to other residents or to staff.
  • Any resident who obtains or attempts to obtain contraband that is a threat to the safety of persons or the security of the facility (drugs, weapons, cigarettes, matches).
  • Open defiance of staff that threatens the safety of the staff or the security of the facility. (Like refusing to return to your room when directed to do so.)