Name Change Petitions

District Court accepts name change petitions for adults and minor children residing in San Juan County.  The filing fee is $286.50 and hearings are held on the first and third Tuesday each month at 11:00am.  You must file your petition at least two business days prior to the hearing date.

Required Documents 

Photo ID for adult name change petitions and certified copy of the birth certificate for a minor child name change petition. 

Petition for Name Change - Adult

Petition for Name Change - Minor

If you are indigent and cannot afford to meet your necessary household living expenses, you may be eligible for a waiver of the $286.50 name change filing fee.  If you wish to file for a fee waiver, complete the Motion/Declaration and Financial Statement below and include both with your Petition for Name Change.  You will be notified by the court if the fee waiver has been granted or if it was denied and you must pay the name change filing fee.

GR 34 Motion and Declaration for Waiver of Fees

GR 34 Financial Statement

GR 34 Motion and Declaration for Waiver of Fees - Spanish

GR 34 Financial Statement - Spanish