Victim Services Program

Program Information

Our Victim Services Program includes two full-time advocates who are committed to including victims in every step of the criminal justice process. They are dedicated to serving adult and child victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Audrey Hansen and Nancy Vejvoda are our advocates for general crimes.


It is our goal to:
  • Be sure you get the help you need, whether that be counseling, a protection order, a chance to be heard in court, or fair repayment for your losses caused by the crime
  • Hear what you want and need after the crime
  • Help you and your loved ones stay safe
  • Keep you informed about what is happening with the case
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We are especially committed to helping child victims and their families, and pledge to work hardest to make the system work for children. We need your help to make justice happen, and we hope we can give you the support you need along the way.

  • Assistance with return of property held as evidence.
  • Help in getting protective orders, victim compensation, restitution, and in giving victim impact statements to the court
  • Information about the status of the case and the criminal process.
  • Referrals to supportive community resources such as counselors, medical professionals, support groups and advocacy programs
  • Sitting with you in court and meetings with prosecutors and, in some cases, with law enforcement officials.
If you have additional needs or safety concerns, please contact our office at 360-378-4101. We are committed to working with other organizations to see that crime victims receive the services they need and deserve.