Elected Prosecuting Attorneys
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Randall Gaylord
San Juan County Prosecuting Attorney Circa 1987
Years of Service Name
1994-present Randall K. Gaylord (D), Orcas Island
Elected 1994 [v. Fred Weedon (R)]
Reelected 1998 [v. Paul McIlrath (D)]
Reelected 2002 (unopposed)
Reelected 2006 (unopposed)
Reelected 2010 (unopposed)
Reelected 2014 (unopposed)
Reelected 2018 [v. Nick Power (D)]
1986-1994 Frederick C. Canavor (D), San Juan Island
Appointed 1986
Elected 1986 (unopposed)
Reelected 1990 (unopposed)
1979-1986 Eugene H. Knapp, Jr. (D), Orcas Island
Appointed 1979
Elected 1979 (unopposed)
Reelected 1982 [v. Carla Higginson (R)]
1977-1979 C. Thomas Moser (D), San Juan Island
Appointed September 30, 1977
Elected 1977 (write in)
Reelected 1978 (unopposed)
1975-1977 Michael Redman (D), San Juan Island
Elected 1974 [v. Warren W Russell (R)]
(First full-time prosecutor)
1971-1974 Warren W Russell (R)
January 1959 Warren W Russell
1954-1959 Elmon A. Geneste (R), San Juan Island
Elected 1954
Reelected 1958
1946-1954 Robert F. Buck (R), San Juan Island
Elected 1946
Reelected 1950
1942-1946 Elmon A. Geneste (R), San Juan Island
Elected 1942
1934-1942 Samuel R. Buck (R), San Juan Island
Appointed July 5, 1932
Elected 1932 (unopposed)
Reelected 1938
1929-1932 William S Coghlon
Elected 1926
1920-1928 Samuel R. Buck (R), San Juan Island
Elected 1920
Reelected 1924
1918-1920 Brooke M. Wright (D)
Elected 1918 [v. L.J. Irwin (R)]
1916-1918 F. A. Beltz (R)
Elected 1916 [v. B.M. Wright (D)]
1912 F. P. Christensen (R)
1911-1912 L.J. Irwin (R)
Elected 1911
1910-1911 R. E Morris (R)
1908-1910 R.E. Morris (R)
Elected 1908
1906-1908 William R. Garrett (R)
Elected 1906 [v. Theodore C. Morrow (R)]
1904-1906 William H. Wynne, Jr. (R) (Prosecuting Attorney)
Elected 1904 [v. I.J. Lichtenberg (D)]
1902-1904 Hawley S King (Prosecuting Attorney)
Elected 1902
1900-1902 W H. Thacker (Prosecuting Attorney)
Elected 1900
1898-1900 Hawley S King (R)
Elected 1898 [v. William Braton (People's Party)]
1896-1898 Hawley S King (R)
Elected 1896
1894-1896 W H. Thacker
Elected 1894
1892-1894 W H. Thacker (County Attorney)
Elected 1892
1891-1892 R. E Moody (County Attorney)
Elected 1891
1889 Statehood