Hazardous Waste Disposal

2021 HazWaste poster

Hazardous waste collection in the Islands are special events that target proper disposal of items deemed too hazardous, and unable to be disposed of in existing solid waste facilities. The events occur annually in the summer on different Islands. The County also has a hazardous waste drop off storage unit at the solid waste facility on Orcas for collection of small quantity items between the yearly events. The latest planned events are listed above, with collection times to be announced. 

Household hazardous wastes come in the form of liquids, solids, or contained gases. They are often ordinary commercial products, like cleaning fluids or pesticides that should not be thrown in the trash or poured down the drain or on the ground. Island drinking water is particularly susceptible to contamination by discarded waste.

San Juan County and the Washington Department of Ecology conduct annual events to remove these toxic materials from our islands and maintain a healthy environment. At the roundup events, individual households and businesses deliver their hazardous materials, where they are securely packaged by trained professionals, barged to the mainland and disposed at specialized facilities. Collections of hazardous materials are prohibited on Washington State ferries and at terminals.