Dive Team

Our Mission
We continually pursue education to increase the skills of the Dive Team to better serve our community.

Dispatch San Juan County comprises 172 pristine islands, known worldwide as the jewels of the State of Washington. These islands, clustered near the border of British Columbia, Canada, attract visitors from every part of the world. Our waters carry major shipping traffic by freighter between the United States and Canada in addition to traffic from recreational boaters.

San Juan County is experiencing a steady degradation of the habitats from a number of sources such as discharges from commercial shipping with the cargoes of crude oil, refined petroleum products and the strong tidal currents of 3 major marine channels causing amateur skippers of pleasure craft to collide with treacherous rocks, reefs and other underwater hazards.
Sheriff Patch
Why Is a Diving Team Necessary
With the explosive growth in the numbers of residents and tourists who explore San Juan County every year, there is an increased risk that children and adults will be in perilous situations that call for quick and difficult water rescue or marine law enforcement. Rescues can involve, for example, accidents on ice covered lakes, SCUBA accidents, boating accidents and downed aircraft.

The San Juan County Dive Unit was formed in 1994 with the help of grants from the Whittier Foundation, Warner Brothers Studios and many generous private citizens. The Dive Team consists of 12 members with a wide range of experience.