Food Safety Program


Our staff responsibilities include:

  • Advise and inspect Temporary Food Establishment events, which include the County Fair and Farmer’s Markets. Contact our department for current fees.
  • Conducting Food safety inspections in Food Establishments. The Washington State Retail Food Code contains the rules that form the basis of these inspections. This document is a compilation of Chapter 246-215 Washington Administrative Code (WAC) and Modification of 2009 FDA Food Code. It went into effect in May of 2013.
  • Reviewing plans for new food establishments and food establishment renovations. Contact our department with questions about the permit application, or to inquire about current fees.

Foodworker Cards

  • Food Worker Card Education and Testing. All food workers working in food establishments need food safety knowledge, and need to have a current Food Worker Card. Food Worker Card testing is now completed online at Washington State Food Worker Course.

Food Safety Recalls From (FDA)