Vaccine Preventable Diseases & Immunizations

Vaccination is a simple and effective method for preventing certain diseases which may cause serious health problems. We provide regular childhood immunizations through the Vaccines for Children (VFC) program; adult immunizations for un- and under-insured adults through the Adult Vaccine Program; vaccine education, information, consultation and support for schools; and regular immunization clinics.

For information about how to sign up for a VFC clinic appointment please click here. 

Immunizations against contagious diseases are provided by your San Juan County health department for both children and adults who need them. The department does this by serving as a vaccine depot (transferring vaccine to local providers and pharmacies when needed) and by holding regular immunization clinics.

Vaccines are a very safe method for disease prevention and are closely monitored by the CDC Vaccine Safety program, which conducts studies to assess the health risks and side effects of vaccines. If you would like more general information about vaccinations, see the CDC's Frequently Asked Questions about Immunizations page. Childhood vaccines are important to protect your children against potentially deadly diseases. For a comprehensive resource on childhood vaccines, see Plain Talk about Childhood Immunization or the Department of Health's FAQ about Childhood Immunizations.

You may access your family's immunization information online through the Washington State Department of Health's MyIR (My Immunization Records) system.