Building Policies

  1. Agent Authorization Letter
  2. Antique Wood Stove Clearance Reductions
  3. Appurtenant vs Accessory Structure
  4. Automatic Fire Extinguishing System
  5. Blower Door Test for dwellings less than 750 SF
  6. Ceiling Height Relative to Plumbing Fixtures
  7. Code Allowances to Structures Permitted Under Previous Codes
  8. Collection of Fire Code Fees
  9. Coupling of Pressure Relieve Valve Discharge Pipes
  10. Creation of a Bedroom or a Sleeping Room
  11. Creation of a Dwelling Unit
  12. De-commissioning a Kitchen
  13. Determination of Loft, Mezzanine, or Sloped Ceiling Floor Area and Ladder Access Restrictions
  14. Engineering Plans and Information
  15. Expansion Tank on Community Water Systems
  16. Fees Associated With the Re-issuance of Expired Permits (For Other Than Owner Builder)
  17. Fees Associated With the Re-issuance of Expired Time Limited Owner Builder Permits
  18. Fence Height Rescinded (2022)
  19. Fence Height (Unpermitted)
  20. Fire Sprinklers in S-1 Occupancies
  21. Flood Hazard (ESA and FEMA) Area Requirements
  22. Flood Hazard Area and Base Flood Elevation Determinations
  23. Floor Area Determination for Accessory Structures
  24. Heavy Timber Construction in Garage Dwelling Separation
  25. Height of Accessory Use Shoreline Structures
  26. Kitchen (Food Preparation Area)
  27. New Impervious Surfaces for Stormwater
  28. Non-Habitable Accessory Structures - Permitting Prior to Primary Structure
  29. Online Submittal Policy
  30. Owner Builder Accessory Structure
  31. Park Trailers
  32. Recording of Notices to Title
  33. Recreational Vehicles and Tiny Homes
  34. Under Floor Areas
  35. Ungraded Lumber (use of)
  36. Vesting of Building Permits
  37. Windows as Outdoor Air Supply Inlets

Land Use Policies