Ferry Meeting Video

Working with the county and the video company, we've made some recent changes to the video configuration which should help with the "bandwidth challenges" in much of the county.

As a test, view the January 25, 2016 session. Wait for it to load (and install "SilverLight" if prompted). Then watch the video for a few minutes, it should play continuously without pausing, and without showing "buffering" under the video image.

For comparison, you can view the November 8, 2011 session. Videos from this time or earlier were all recorded at the higher bitrate and will pause periodically, when viewed with a DSL with bandwidth of 512 Kbps or slower.

Also, Internet traffic is usually higher in the evenings, which can cause congestion. Watching video requires a reasonably fast connection, and most connections can't support much else at the same time.

Also use a wired network connection if possible, Wi-Fi is subject to interference and can be quite slow at times. Also make sure that no one else is using your Internet connection for music, movies, etc.

If you do have problems viewing the recorded session then run a speed test. Visit the Speakeasy website, click on "Seattle", and test your download speed. Most basic DSL connections are 384 or 512 kbits/sec (0.38 or 0.52 MBps). That's fast enough to watch the ferry meeting (we'll be using a reduced bitrate), but not fast enough to view most of the saved council meetings (11/8 or prior) without pausing.

If you are paying for a 512 Kbps connection and not consistently getting 0.50 Mbps or higher (with no one else using the connection), then contact your internet provider. There may be a problem with your line or your modem, or they may need to add capacity to their network to meet everyone's needs during the busiest times.