Annual Filing Procedure

Who Must File a Listing with the County Assessor?

(WAC 458-12-060)

Every business owner is required to list all taxable (i.e., nonexempt) personal property in the person's ownership, possession, or control as of 12:00 PM on January 1st of the assessment year. If you have multiple business locations, you must complete a separate listing for each location. The assessed value is allocated to the taxing district based on where the property is located.

The burden is on the business owner to provide the listing. The listings are due regardless of whether or not the Assessor has provided notice of such listing to the individual business owner.

When are Personal Property Listings Due?

Personal property listings are due on or before April 30th of the assessment year.

Penalty for Failure or Refusal to List

(RCW 84.40.130)

To avoid a penalty, the Assessor must receive your listing form by April 30th. The penalty is five percent (5%) of the tax due per month, up to a maximum of 25 percent (25%). If the Assessor does not receive your form, the Assessor will estimate the value of the property based on the best information available.

What is Taxable Tangible Personal Property?

All property can be divided into two major categories—real property and personal property. Real property includes land, buildings, structures, and affixed improvements generally classified as immovable, e.g., paving, fencing. Personal property by its nature is not permanently attached and, therefore, is movable. The chief characteristic of personal property is its mobility.

Tangible personal property includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. Office furniture and equipment, computers, software
  2. Restaurant equipment, furniture, artwork, dining utensils
  3. Store equipment
  4. Short-term vacation rentals beds, linens, kitchen items, furniture, electronics
  5. Manufacturing equipment
  6. Signs
  7. Communication equipment
  8. Professional libraries
  9. Motor vehicles not subject to excise tax (example: bobcat)
  10. Farm machinery and equipment
  11. Leased equipment - videos
  12. Small tools
  13. Leasehold improvements that are not part of the real property
  14. Supplies not held for sale

Complete the Listing and Return to the Assessor's Office

Step-by-Step instructions for completing the listing: 2019 Instructions for Completing Listing