Lopez Village Subarea Plan



The Lopez Village Planning Review Committee (LVPRC) was appointed by the County Council to develop a subarea plan proposal of the Lopez Village Urban Growth Area.  It will include a Vision, goals, policies, and land use maps that will guide future development.

The plan builds on the results of past participation efforts and design workshops.  It will also be designed to address existing concerns and needs.  Based on prior planning efforts, the Committee focused on many issues.

The LVPRC approved a draft plan and development regulations on July 27, 2018, to go through the adoption process with San Juan County Planning Commission and County Council. 

The Planning Commission and County Council will be briefed on the following plan components on August 17, 2018:
Staff Report dated August 3, 2018
Draft Lopez Village Plan for the Vital Place at the Heart of Lopez Island
Draft Development Regulations
Draft Standard Details
Draft Implementation Plan
August 14, 2018 Land Use Element Amendment Proposal
August 15, 2018 SEPA Checklist
August 15, 2018 SEPA DNS
Field Games