Critical Area Information

If you have interest in a Critical Area & Archaeology Review (known as CAAR’s) please review the following options and related materials.

Critical Area Review Request (Instant)

Follow the steps below to view parcel-level critical area information for a parcel in San Juan County (applicants must still inquire about archaeology concerns via email or over phone with this option):

Step 1) Enter Full 12-Digit Parcel Number:

Step 2) to update link below:

Step 3) Click this link to view Critical Area Review results and maps for your parcel

CAAR Request (Email Correspondence)
If you have interest in a Critical Area & Archaeology Review (known as CAAR’s), please submit a request to or call us directly with the following information:

• Your name and email address
• The tax parcel number you would like to receive information on

We reply to CAAR requests to identify land use regulations and critical area reports that may be required for development at the time of permit application. This information is based on a review of the whole parcel. It is the applicant's responsibility to provide the required reports or prove the indicated report requirement does not apply to their specific project site. Please let us know if you have more specific questions using our Ask a Question resource page where we can briefly review proposed projects. Additionally, you may be interested in a fee-related Residential Pre-Application with site visit (RPA) to determine if proposed development is consistent with current regulations. Actual conditions in the field control.

Critical Area Information- Related Materials