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Posted on: June 13, 2023

Council Meeting Review: June 13, 2023

This away meeting on Orcas Island included a review of the Public Works survey, the Juneteenth Proclamation, a discussion of ARPA funds and more.

This document is a review of the County Council meeting, Tuesday, June 13, 2023. Information related to agenda changes, Consent Agenda, and Public Comment are on the County website. For additional information about what was discussed, please refer to the recording.  






  • Financial Items: The Auditor’s office requests approval for the following warrants issued the week of May 27, 2023and approval for the interfund transfers issued the month of March 2023.
  • Miscellaneous: To approve Resolution 17-2023, A Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO) Grant Authorization for San Juan County’s Project Number 23-1173, Rest, Weeks Point Way County Shoreline Restoration.
  • Miscellaneous: To authorize funding for a Department of Commerce Emergency Rapid Response Grant.




1.  Discussion: ARPA funds, Resources Centers request, Mike Thomas –County Manager and Mark Tompkins –Health & Community Services Director.

Mark Tompkins presented an overview of ARPA Funds, current requests for funding, and staff recommendations. Staff recommended the Council fund the Resource Center’s request at 50% or $120,000. Further, they recommended that staff work with the Resource Centers and the Opportunity Council to look for long-term funding to support these positions going forward. 

Council voted to approve the staff recommendation to fund the three community resource centers at $40,000 a piece from ARPA funds for the purposes of funding housing support services.  

2. Discussion: Housing update, Mark Tompkins –Health & Community Services Director.

Mark Tompkins presented an overview of the County’s affordable housing projects. On Orcas Island, he highlighted OPAL’s April’s Grove project, along with the Northshore Apartment Complex. He mentioned Housing Lopez’ ongoing building efforts, and the recent completion of the HolliWalk neighborhood on San Juan Island. 

3.Discussion: Northshore update, Peter Guillozet - Land Bank, and Barbara Rosenkotter –San Juan Preservation Trust.

Peter Guillozet and Barbara Rosenkotter presented an update on the Northshore property that the County acquired in 2022. They shared project updates, opportunities for the public to learn more and get involved, and long-term plans for the property.

4. Discussion: Public Works Survey, Erin Wygant –Communications Coordinator.

After the 2022 Road Levy campaign, County staff determined that a community survey was needed to determine the public's interests and the County's next steps. To gain a better understanding of what residents are experiencing on County roads, while using marine facilities, or traveling on or near road shoulders, staff developed a 26-question survey hosted on the Engage San Juan County platform.

The survey included a variety of question styles and was live for 36 days. It was advertised via a number of channels including social media, press releases, posters around town, direct email campaigns, and targeted community-group outreach. The survey received 1,002 responses thanks to a concentrated outreach campaign. 

This was an opportunity for staff to present the survey's findings, highlight common themes found in the data, and discuss next steps.

5.  Discussion: Public Works Update Orcas Island, Colin Huntemer – Public Works Director

Colin Huntemer outlined the six projects that comprise the County’s construction program on Orcas Island. These projects are in response to damaged infrastructure as a result of flooding, washouts, and other extreme hydrological events. The projects include culvert replacement or road work on Killebrew Lake Rd, Cormorant Bay Rd, LaPorte Rd, Point Lawrence, and Crow Valley Rd.


Council Update:

  • Christine 
    1. Met with Liz Lovelett regarding PFAS contamination in the Islands
    2. Attended Fair Board meeting
    3. WSAC Virtual Assembly – spotlighting housing issues
    4. Upcoming SWISS Meeting
    5. Plans to attend the WA State Transportation Commission meeting
  • Jane
    1. Read email from John Vezina, Director of Planning, Customer and Government Relations, WSF –concerning persistent crewing challenges with the interisland boat
    2. Is preparing for the meeting of the WA State Transportation Commission meeting in Friday Harbor
    3. Attended the monthly NS – BHASO meeting.
    4. Cancelled trip to Decatur due to weather – working to re-schedule for July 12
    5. Met with key stakeholders in the LISD to discuss how to coordinate with the county and community to advocate for funding for the Lopez School.
    6. Met with the Executive Director and two staff of the NWRC to discuss in more detail the services they are involved with in the county for persons with disability and seniors who are on Medicaid and medicare.
    7. Attended the monthly Human Services Advisory Board meeting.
    8. Will be attending the Housing Advisory Committee meeting and site visit on Lopez tomorrow.
    9. Will be attended the reception of the WA Wildlife and Recreation Coalition on Lopez 
  • Cindy
    1. Met with SWISS executive committee
    2. Met with Killebrew Lake Rd project

Manager Update: Mike Thomas, County Manager

Council Clerk Update: Sally Rogers, Clerk

Review Agendas & Council Calendar Items:  Next scheduled Council meetings; June 27thJuly, 11th, July 25th (Away meeting on Decatur Island) and August 8th.

Advisory Committee Appointments/ Reappointments:


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