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The original item was published from 2/27/2019 11:18:07 AM to 4/27/2021 2:45:51 PM.

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Agriculture Resource Committee

Posted on: February 27, 2019

[ARCHIVED] AG Summit Session

“The Comp Plan, County Code and You”

A presentation was given on the role of the ARC and the comp plan in county government. The vision and community engagement shape the Comp plan and the Comp plan shapes county code (UDC). The county code is what actually dictates what is allowed or not allowed.  There are 8 Elements in the comp plan and for our presentation we highlighted the ones that have the most relevance for agriculture: Economic Development, Land Use and Housing.Comp Plan Graphic

We broke into small groups and discussed what we want to more of in the county and what we want less of.  There was rousing discussions.  Each group put their notes down.  Below are the  notes from all of the groups. Redundancies indicate that multiple groups made notes about the same issue.  What was missed? Do you agree? We always want to hear from you.  Send Faith an email and I can add your thoughts.

Participants wanted more of or like the direction the county was going for the following:

  • People care about the land and live here year round

  • Composting toilets and grey water- take to state

  • Inspiring visitors through alternative lifestyles

  • Forgiveness of alternative systems

  • Rainwater catchment

  • Keep the islands weird

  • Recognize agroforestry

  • Thriving farm stands everywhere

  • More food from the islands

  • Relaxed Cooking Regs

  • Yurts OK

  • Flexible standards for farm stays- allow farm camping

  • Allow yurts

  • More flexible farm worker housing- ease up code

  • Allow tiny homes, especially portable for farm workers

  • Bike tourism and camping on farms

  • Cottage industry expansion- easier for small-scale start ups

  • Cohousing for farm workers

  • Different standards for seasonal housing

  • Higher tax rates for low occupancy (part time/second homes)

  • Allow for more housing on farm (retired farmers and new farmers

  • Public Banking

  • Unlimited Signage

  • Ponds and water catchment

  • Farm to table dinners

  • Agritourism

  • Make farming a viable occupation (diverse income streams)

  • Using pond water for irrigation

  • Fences and dealing with nuisance wildlife

  • Hunting and predator balance

  • Rainwater catchment and greywater

  • Diversity of affordable housing options (coops?, mobile homes?)

  • Seasonal worker housing

  • On-site farm worker housing and farmstay housing- tension between these

  • Sanitation systems to support affordable housing options- grey water support

  • Quality of housing

  • Other infrastructure to support growth within carrying capacity of land

  • Decouple CUFA from Land Use regs

  • New Definition of what a farm is- don’t rely on CUFA

  • Flexibility in defining cottage industries

  • Value added, housing, farm store flexibility, FTT w/alcohol, allow professional/personal services (maybe as a %)

  • Clear but flexible housing rules that people will follow

  • Want EE housing

  • Guidelines are better than restrictive rules

2019 Ag Summit

Participants wanted to put the brakes on the following:

  • Everything for sale

  • Experiences for sale

  • Views preserved at expense of farm production

  • Farming theme parks

  • Trash everywhere

  • Too many cars

  • Too many people

  • SJI ag only for the rich

  • People can’t make money selling food

  • Erosion and bare soil

  • Exploiting loopholes

  • Barriers to entry- commercial kitchen regs

  • Prime ag land used for grazing (climate change concerns) What is appropriate use? Rotational grazing?

  • Vacation rental

  • No second homes on farmland

  • Size and placement restrictions

  • Number of farm stands

  • Damming of streams

  • Damage to wildlife

  • Airbnbs 

  • Septic overload

  • Population density- what is the carrying capacity for tourism

  • Water restrictions/rationing

  • Loopholes

  • Chaos

  • Abuse and evasion of rules

  • Dead ends at every turn

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