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The original item was published from 3/26/2019 3:22:50 PM to 4/17/2019 12:00:08 AM.

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Posted on: March 26, 2019

[ARCHIVED] April 16, 2019 Public Hearing on the Draft Lopez Village Subarea Plan Ordinance

Amendments and the addition of new development regulations to San Juan County Code Title 18, and new standard plans and an implementation plan are proposed. Amendments and additions to the SJC Comprehensive Plan are also included in the proposed ordinance. See the proposed ordinance at

The public hearing notice posted below lists substantive changes to the 2018 Planning Commission recommendation that might be considered by County Council in their deliberations.

Interested parties are encouraged to attend the hearing, and to comment on the draft ordinance. Instructions on how to comment are outlined at the end of the public hearing notice.



Amending the San Juan County Comprehensive Plan Official Maps and Adding a New Section to Section B, Element 2, Land Use; Adopting a New Lopez Village Subarea Plan Including a Land Use Plan, Official Map, Goals and Policies, and an Implementation Plan; Standard Plans and Amending San Juan County Code Sections 18.20.010, 18.20.080, 18.20.120, 18.20.130, 18.20.140, 18.30.190, 18.30.210, 18.60.240 and Chapter 18.30 to Include Development Regulations for the Lopez Village Urban Growth Area

The San Juan County Council will take public testimony on a proposed ordinance to amend the SJC Comprehensive Plan Section B, Element 2, Land Use, to adopt a new Lopez Village Subarea Plan that applies within the Lopez Village Urban Growth Area. For implementation, amendments and the addition of new development regulations are proposed to San Juan County Code Title 18, and new standard plans and an implementation plan are proposed. Interested parties are encouraged to attend the hearing, and to submit written comments to the SJC Department of Community Development about the draft proposals.

The February 19, 2019, draft documents highlight potential substantive changes or alternatives to the September 2018 public hearing draft. Revisions shown in red are from the Planning Commission. Revisions shown in orange are staff clarifying edits. Blue underline/strikeout are proposed changes/alternatives suggested by County Council. Possible substantive changes and alternatives are outlined below:

San Juan County Comprehensive Plan Official Maps 

The Official Map sheet for Lopez Island is amended to strike the density (0.25) indicator from the Lopez Village urban growth area and to add the following: See the official maps for the Lopez Village Urban Growth Area.

Lopez Village Subarea Plan

Map 5, the land use map alternatives, have been updated to indicate that they are the Lopez Village Urban Growth Area Official Maps and to identify the density allowance for each land use designation. Explanatory information about the chosen base map alternative is deleted. An alternative is proposed to Map 5 land use map designations (Page 24). It would split TPN 2523220001 into 2 land use designations instead of designating it all Village Commercial. The first 300 feet from Fisherman Bay Road would be designated Village Commercial. The remainder would be Village Residential.


Draft Development Regulations (Ordinance page numbers are referenced):



Page 14: Artisan and Artisanal products: Select one definition each for use in Eastsound and Lopez Village.

Page 17: Hostel: Clarified. Moved shared room/private accommodations requirement to the regulations.

Page 19: Live-work building: Simplified by deleting “offices, studios or other.”

Page 20: Mixed-use development: Simplified by deleting the last sentence.

Page 20: Mobile food vending unit: Simplified to “means a portable food or drink service vehicle.”

Page 21: Neighborhood enterprise: Clarified by deleting “the resident’s.”

Page 30: Under the heading “Lopez Village urban growth area densities, and density bonuses,” change the last sentence in item J to clarify the meaning of perpetual affordability. Reformatted H, and make H.2 and H.3 new I and J and re-lettered section.

Land use table: Pages 31 – 38: Multiple changes/alternatives are to be considered in the land use table including the possible permitting level for various uses. Also:

Brewery, distillery, wine and mead making, farmers market, and single family residence accessory to nonresidential uses were added to the table.

Multi-family residential is proposed to be linked to affordable housing.

Day care, mobile food vending unit and nursing home categories were modified.

Three alternatives for neighborhood enterprise are proposed.

Mobile home parks and vacation rental in a commercial building are proposed to be deleted.

Page 40: Under the heading “Setbacks and dimensional standards,” alternatives are proposed to the front or road setbacks and maximum building footprint per building. Footnote 3 is corrected to require setbacks from the edge of pavement.

Page 42: A new item F is added to the hostel standards. It was moved from the definition.

Page 43: Neighborhood enterprise standards: Alternatives for this category are to remove it altogether, apply it throughout the Village, or apply it to parcels identified in the land use table. Another alternative is to restrict employees to no more than 10 persons on site at one time, or in ten in 24 hours.

Pages 45 - 48: The sign section is reformatted and clarified.

Page 51: Landscaping: Council alternative: reformat into separate sections to make it easier to use:

  • Applicability; Landscaping - when required; Landscape plan requirements; Prohibited and allowed trees; and Planting mixtures.

Possible Alternatives: page 54: Delete “O” the Heritage Tree provision. Make the list of trees and vegetation in “R” recommended, not required.

Pages 60 - 68: Road, parking, driveway standards: Three alternatives may be considered:

Planning Commission version (shown in red ink); Alternative B: Require frontage improvements; and Alternative C: Do not require frontage improvements and only adopt standard plans 911 and 912.

Council Alternative: Do not establish parking credits, parking register, parking fund, parking land bank to implement the parking plan.

Copies of the proposed ordinance & project documents are available at the SJC Community Development, 135 Rhone St., Friday Harbor or

HOW TO COMMENT: The official comment period is April 3, 2019 through Tuesday, April 16, 2019, unless the County Council extends it. Written comments should reference the document, and the page and line numbers related to the comment. Written comments submitted prior to 12:00 p.m. on Monday, April 15, 2019, will be copied for the County Council unless they wish to review comments on-line. Please comment:

  • Via Mail: Before the public hearing, mail written comments to Linda Kuller, Department of Community Development (DCD) PO Box 947 Friday Harbor, WA 98250, or deliver them to the DCD office at 135 Rhone Street, Friday Harbor during business hours.
  • Via Email: Email comments to Title of subject line: Lopez Village Plan from (your last name or agency name). For the record, include your full address.
  • Via Oral Testimony: You may provide comments on the proposals at the public hearing.

Copies: Please provide five (5) copies of written comments if you submit them to DCD after 12:00 p.m. on April 15, 2019, or if you distribute written comments at the public hearing.

Contact: Linda Kuller (360) 370-7580 or

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