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Posted on: December 27, 2019

Meeting Minutes 9/17/19


September 17, 2019, 4-5:30 pm

Via Zoom from the Lopez and Orcas Libraries and WSU SJC Ext in FH

Call to order 4:07 Faith leading meeting.

No Public Comment                                                                                


Minutes adopted from 7/16/19 ,Winnie moves to adopt, Steph seconds Motion to adopt passed unanimously.

Meeting attendees:  

Samantha, Andre, Winnie, Sarah, David, Charlie, Brook and Meike

Faith Van De Putte- coordinator                                                                             

4:10                ARC Business                                                                                   Faith

  • Election of officers- Learner is stepping down as chair

  • Steve Bernheim nominated and accepted as vice chair.

  • Meike Meissner  nominated vice chair and accepted.

Vote to elect  Steve and Meike passed unanimously with no opposed and no abstentions.

  • County Council ARC Update Faith did a great job presenting to Council.  Good feedback from Council Members.

  • Water Rights update  Faith has been working with DOE re: possible batch processing.  Faith working with SJC GIS to build a map of farm land and existing water rights. Brook - Had good news about possible lower cost of obtaining water rights than previously thought.  Andre and Brook both working on obtaining rights.  Possible future agenda item.  

4:25               Outreach                                                                             Caitlin

  • Fair recap- Caitlin provide update on ARC outreach presence at fair.  Good to connect with 4-H.  Faith display was amazing. Many great events with speakers with good attendance.  Tent was in a new location.

  • ARC retreat - Recruiting attendees for retreat. Refining for next year.. Exec Committee should bring a well refined work plan for year for review. Retreat time is precious and desire to focus on higher level issues. 

ARC RETREAT DATE:  November 4,5 and 6 are good candidates.  

To be held at Brickworks.

4:40              Policy                                                                                     David

  •  Ag Goals and Policy  begun in the June meeting.  We will look for a motion to be brought forward to approve this draft section as an ARC recommendation to be added into the Land Use Element of the Comp Plan as section 2.2.M Agriculture.

  • Last meeting we looked at about half of the items.  Reviewing remainder of Goals and policies this meeting.  Discussed overlying goal and everyone is good with that.  Worked through each of the 20 objectives with edits and discussions.

  • Should consider harmonizing farm stand definition of saleable items with AG Guild “Island Grown” to ensure Island Grown items can be sold at farm stands.  Agree to keep definition of “Farm Stand” broad.

Steph moves that we vote to adopt the Land use goal and policy, Winnie seconds.  Discussion and voted to adopt passed unanimously.

5:10             Ag Program Updates & General Announcements 

  • CART update  Charile - Update on new committee to advise Coffelt.  Farm tour at three sisters hosted by Land Bank.

  • WSU Extension  - Lots of good projects coming out of WSU

  • Ag guild update - Food hub is getting major traction.                                                                            

Faith had to run at 5:15.  Brook facilitated remainder of meeting. 

Adjourn - at 5:30pm

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