How do I request an inspection?

You can use our new permit portal to request an inspection, it is real easy. You can also still use a voicemail system and leave a message for the request. Please be sure to speak clearly, have a good cell signal, or call from a landline. You must include the permit #, type of inspection, date requested, island, contact name and phone number. Phone requests -360.378.6270

For requesting on the portal: Login, pick your permit, scroll down to the inspection you want, and click request. If you have outstanding renewal fees owing, you will not be able to request an inspection through either system.

request inspection screenshot for portal FAQ

OR from the portal:request inspection screenshot for portal FAQ2

To request inspections ,from home, click on “Applications” and then “My Applications” and select your active permit (permits with fees owing, or expired permits will not let you schedule an inspection. Check with SJC DCD for payment, or pay via the portal.


  1. Click “Request” for the inspection you need
  2. Enter the date and a time slot (also add any comments you have regarding the inspection)
  3. Click on “Request Inspection”
  4. To view the inspection schedule the morning of your inspection, click on “Applications” and scroll to the bottom of the screen and click on the calendar. 

To view inspection results:

              Pick your permit from the list and click on it. Scroll down to ‘inspections’ area below. You’ll see inspections available, completed, and some that need re-inspection.  All inspections that have been done, regardless of status, will have an inspection report available for you to download and view. Click on the small black note with the dog eared corner.


              Your results will download, and you can open the .pdf to view the info.

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