What do I need for a final Inspection for a Certificate of Occupancy?

A Certificate of Occupancy is granted upon the successful completion of all the approved work for the permit. Mechanical and plumbing work does not get a certificate of occupancy, only dwellings, accessory and appurtenant structures. Commercial work (IBC) will get a certificate of occupancy stating the type of occupancy, the occupant load, type of construction, square footage, Tax parcel and address information etc.

When all permitted work is complete, and the building meets the minimum life safety items in the the code, the Inspector, or Building Official will sign off the certificate and upload to the portal where you can access and download or print it as needed. Older permits did not have a formal certificate of Occupancy, only the signed permit card.

This is an example of the items required to be complete for a single family dwelling. This list is not meant to be exhaustive, only a reference for example.

1. Address posted, visible from the street, or entrance of the driveway for EMS and Fire access.

2. All exterior roofing, siding, windows and trim in place, providing a weather tight barrier to the elements.

3. Means of Egress from the main door, to the public right of way, usually parking area or street.

4. Smoke/carbon dioxide detectors in the correct location, interconnected, and working.(tested)

5. Heating/Cooling equipment complete, installed, and working.

6. For dwellings: A kitchen (area for food prep, cooking appliance, fan, sink and counter. 1 Working bathroom (includes sink, toilet, and tub or shower). 1 Bedroom meeting minimum code size with means of egress and smoke/carbon detectors in proper location.

7. Water heater functioning at proper temp.

8. Septic system/sewer connected and functioning (SJC Health dept approval and startup required).

9. Insulation covered for interior environment and safety of the occupants.

10. Energy code compliant, and energy credits achieved as needed. Display energy code information in the appropriate location.

11. Life safety of the occupants meets code minimum. (handrails, guards, stairs, decks, balconies etc)

12. If garage is attached: Proper fire separation between garage and dwelling per code.

13. Gutters/downspouts, or other approved Stormwater measures in place, site grading approved per code, or approved by PW/DCD.

14. Proper ventilation per code for the use and occupancy type.

15. All fees, revisions, renewals, child permits or other and paid for, all conditions complete. 

Other departments may have other requirements not listed here. This list is subject to change by the SJC Building Official.

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